Why Does My Hair Look Dull?

Why Does My Hair Look Dull?

Why Does My Hair Look Dull?

When your hair appears dull, it is time to pay attention. 

Shiny and lustrous locks are not only the symbol of beauty but the reflection of your overall hair and scalp wellness. If your hair is limp, frizzy, flat, and rough, many factors have contributed to damage for a long time. Whatever the reason, you got to make major changes in your hair care routine to revive radiance to lackluster hair. 

leave in conditioner for dull hair

What Causes Dull Hair

Cleanse, condition, and hydrateyou are doing haircare steps as usual and expecting your hair to look shiny, bouncy, and vibrant. Instead, no matter what you do, your hair lack life, luster, and body, then it is time you realize the damage has been done, and you need to find the root cause of hair dullness first to put your beloved tresses on the road to recovery. 

Many reasons contribute to hair dullness, including:

  • Product Buildup: Despite cleansing your hair properly, product residue settles on the scalp and comes in the way of natural oils reaching your hair shaft, resulting in dull, dry, and damaged hair. 
  • Hard Water: The harshest of your hair’s enemies, hard water has a high concentration of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which cover your hair, withholding moisture from penetrating the shaft, leading to brittle and weak strands.
  • Environmental Conditions: Excessive exposure to UV rays can absorb natural oils that protect your hair, causing frizz, dryness, and breakage. 
  • Heat Styling: Each of our strands constitutes keratin protein that preserves your hair’s texture and body for a glossy appearance. Exposure to heat changes the keratin structure and dries up the water molecules that bond your hair together, making your hair vulnerable and lifeless. 
  • Use of Wrong Products: The product which doesn't suit your hair type or contains the wrong set of ingredients dulls the shine of your hair and damages the cuticle.
  • Dehydration: Hydration is vital for the well-being of your skin, hair, and body. No amount of oils, conditioners, or serums can replenish dryness if your roots are dehydrated from lack of water. Drinking less than 8 glasses of water is not an option if you want your hair’s natural gloss back. 
  • Nutritional Deficiencies: Proper nutrition is necessary for your hair resilience, growth, and overall appearance. If your diet lacks key nutrients that are vital for your hair wellness then it is highly unlikely any expensive treatment will give you the lustrous results you want. 
  • Dry Shampoo: The future of your hair depends on the products you use in the shower, more specifically the shampoo. A drying shampoo strips off oils, moisture, and proteins every time you wash your hair, the harm it causes is beyond superficial. It gives flaky patches, irritations, hair fall, and dandruff. If your shampoo is drying, quit its use right away. 

apple cider vinegar shampoo

How To Rejuvenate Dull Hair

  • A Clarifying Shampoo For Refreshed Scalp: Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo is an excellent cleanser to detoxify the scalp. It uses apple cider vinegar to slough off dead cells and flakes, shea butter to moisturize, argan oil to smooth the strands, and vitamin E for UV protection. By using this shampoo you get rid of impurities while enhancing your hair sheen. 
  • Seal In Moisture With Conditioner: Revive the lost vibrancy and bounce of dull hair by applying Leave-In Conditioner after shampoo. The restorative ingredients, hydrating oils, and refreshing botanicals in this formula give your hair visible volume, shine, and extra body. It is a lightweight conditioner that smooths and softens the strands without leaving them flat and limp.
  • Therapeutic Hair Mask For Rejuvenation: The concept of a hair mask is to treat dry and damaged hair with the best ingredients that restore the lost gloss and vitality. Keratin Hair Mask is our top pick for strengthening weak and brittle hair. It combines biotin, keratin, collagen, carrier oils, and vitamin E to add a shiny glow and fortify the strands from deep within. 
  • Heat Protectant Spray To Avoid Damage: Heating tools help you mold your hair the way you want. But the very same tools cause long-term damage. In this predicament, apply Biotin Argan Oil Thermal Shield before styling your hair with heating tools. This hydration-packed and nutrient-rich spray protects your hair and improves its overall wellness and appearance over time. 

Next Up: Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Current Haircare Routine 

It is important you know your hair type before choosing the products. The right set of products in your haircare arsenal will make all the difference and give you the desired results sooner than you expect. To treat your hair with safe, effective, and chemical-free products, check out our haircare collection!


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