Use These Conditioners For Silkier and Shinier Hair

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Use These Conditioners For Silkier and Shinier Hair

A good hair conditioner can be a game-changer for troubled, stressed, and heat-damaged hairif you get to find one. It will quench dryness, smooth the roughness, deliver softness, impart sheen and volume, leaving your strands looking silky, robust, and refined. 

But if you picked the wrong conditioner, your hair will struggle with the same old lamentable concerns. Again you have to deal with frizz, flyaways, dullness, the general lack of vitality, and not to mention losing clumps of hair while combing (ugh). In other words, a good conditioner is pretty much a lifesaver for the hair that needs a boost of rejuvenation and fortification. 

To help you make a better choice of conditioner according to your hair type, we have rounded up the best conditioners by Botanic Hearth made with nature-based, cruelty-free, and safe ingredients. Check it out:

The Best Hair Conditioners for All Hair Types

1. Tea Tree Conditioner for Oily Hair

    Of all the dreaded hair concerns we want to get rid of, oily hair is the most common and frustrating. Maintaining the greasy hair type is not easy with the never-ending fight against excess oils, frequent cleansing, dry ends, and greasy scalp. If you have oily hair, you must know what it is like. 

    Tea Tree Conditioner for Oily Hair

    You’ll need a lightweight and refreshing conditioner that gives your hair a silky soft feel and a defined finish. Tea Tree Conditioner is an excellent choice for oily because it is weightless, quick-absorbing, and clarifying. It smoothes the dry ends, promotes moisture balance, and enhances the hair sheen without weighing it down. It is perfect for daily use. 

    2. Keratin Conditioner for Dry Hair

      When your scalp doesn't produce enough oils to provide sufficient hydration, the result is dried, rough, and lifeless hair. By applying a moisturizing hair conditioner, you can provide a protective coat to your hair, leaving it visibly fuller and glossier. Using a conditioner will also shield dry and vulnerable strands from the damage of pollution and external elements. 

      Think of Keratin Conditioner as a replenishing treat for dry and damaged hair. As a base, it has keratin protein, which is known to enhance elasticity, deliver deep hydration, and add a vibrant and voluminous look to your hair. This formula also includes argan oil, rice protein, soy protein, lanolin, and amino acids for maximum moisturization and protection from sun damage. 

      3. Leave-In Conditioner for Curly Hair

        The plight with curly hair type is insufficient natural moisture balance due to its follicle shape. Oils produced by the scalp don't reach from roots to the ends, making the curly hair dry, frizzy, and unruly. That’s why your hair feels flat from the roots but overall has a rough and dull texture. 

        Leave-In Conditioner for Curly Hair

        Botanic Hearth Leave-In Conditioner will restore suppleness, smoothness, and sheen to your hair, whether you have coils, spirals, or wavy strands. It is packed with moisturizing nutrients, softening carrier oils, and rejuvenating botanicals to infuse your hair with hydration and energy. The best part, Leave-In Conditioner provides extra body and volume to the hair, making them look luscious and resilient. This conditioner is gentle enough for daily use. 

        4. Purple Conditioner for Blonde and Silver-Colored Hair

          If you have colored your hair platinum, blonde, or silver, you should have a purple conditioner in your hair care collection. During the hair-dyeing process, your hair's natural hue is removed to give it a new color. When the new color starts to fade, it reveals the brassy, yellow, and orange undertones unless you take steps to preserve and enhance the new color. Since purple lies on the exact opposite of yellow on the color wheel, it neutralizes, tones, and brightens the color, giving blonde hair a vibrant and shiny look yet again. 

          Purple Conditioner by Botanic Hearth is an excellent choice for blonde hair. It features moisturizing oils, clarifying agents, vitamins, proteins, and aloe vera extract to keep your strands fresh and resilient while extending the hair color. It helps you detangle, manage, and define tight textures, preventing potential damage during styling. 

          5. Peppermint Conditioner for Normal Hair Type

            Normal hair type has just the proper moisture balance and natural oils with minimal concerns. But it doesn't mean your hair type is not prone to occasional dryness, frizz, and environmental damage. You will still need to maintain your tresses' lusciousness, vibrancy, and strength.

            A conditioner for normal hair type should not be drying, which may cause frizz or extra moisturizing as it would weigh down the hair. This special balance of hydration and hair-smoothing qualities are found in our Peppermint Conditioner. From this formula, you get a generous dose of refreshing ingredients. It has hydrolyzed protein, detoxifying ginger oil, and shine-enhancing silk amino acids for smooth strands. 

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            It is good to know you made till down here and while you are still with us, let us inform you that Botanic Hearth's entire personal care lineup is cruelty-free. We use safe, simple, and pure ingredients to formulate our products and ensure you get the expected results without exposing yourself to harsh chemicals. Check out our whole collection here!


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