Top 7 Tips To Create The Best Hair Care Routine

Top 7 Tips To Create The Best Hair Care Routine

The common interest that unites people of all hair types together is: a good hair day. 

You nurture, moisturize, cleanse, style, dye, salon-treat the hair, but often the result is short-lived, and we are back at it again. 

Probably the improvement that we are so impatiently seeking in the condition and texture of the hair is not one-time magic but a day-to-day effort. It requires a proper ritual that allows you to fortify your tresses, soothe the scalp, cope with the damaging effects of external aggressors, and helps you have as many good hair days as possible. 

Here are we are sharing tips to help you develop the best hair care routine that is suitable for all hair types:

The Best Hair Care Routine Tips To Get Smooth, Shiny Hair

  1. Do Hair Cleansing The Proper Way

Cleansing is one of the most important hair care routine steps that we surprisingly perform without much attention. Every day the scalp comes in contact with numerous invisible pore-clogging impurities that settle on the surface and cause itchiness, irritations, and hair loss.  Improper cleansing makes matters even worse, creating flakes with product residues that turn into dandruff and end up damaging hair follicles. 

So, here is an appropriate method to use shampoo and cleanse the right way:

  • Wet your hair with lukewarm water
  • Take an adequate amount of shampoo into your palms
  • Apply the shampoo on your scalp focusing on roots to tips
  • Massage it for 2-3 minutes until it creates rich leather
  • Rinse thoroughly to avoid any residual buildup

After the shower, gently drape your hair with a towel to soak moisture. Comb your hair when they are fairly dry. Botanic Hearth’s Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo would be a good choice for anyone looking for a gentle yet effective hair cleanser. It thoroughly removes impurities and excess oils without stripping off our scalp’s natural oils, keeping the hair looking glossy and radiant. Plus, it is ideal for all hair types. 

Do Hair Cleansing The Proper Way

  1. Learn The Art of Hair Conditioning
In an ideal hair care routine for every hair type, conditioning comes after using the shampoo. The basic task of a conditioner is to seal in the moisture in those parts of hair which shampoo might have dried out during cleansing. It also improves shine, tames frizz, enhances manageability, and promotes smoothness, making styling easy.

However, you should always apply conditioner on hair from mid-length to ends. Using the conditioner on the roots weighs it down and leaves a greasy residue that can cause buildup.

Avoid Blow Drying As Much As You Can

  1. Avoid Blow Drying As Much As You Can

    Yes, this tip may seem a bit difficult to follow. 

    Not only is heat drying quick and time-saving, but it also makes your hair look beautiful and smooth. Yet to your surprise, continuous and excessive heat drying damages the follicles and roughens the hair texture. Instead, try air drying after the shower or take the help of a microfiber towel or cotton T-shirt to remove moisture. Keep blow drying an option only for urgent events.

    1. Your Hair Needs Oil

      Oiling. An act of massaging your hair and scalp with a sufficient amount of oil which may feel…..greasy. But this grease helps soften the hair, add moisture, calm dryness, and increase elasticity and glossiness. Besides, oils deliver vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids to the scalp that get removed with frequent cleansing. However, there is a specific technique and timing of oiling the hair.

      Your Hair Needs Oil

      For one, you should apply oils at least for an hour before taking a shower. Secondly, make sure your scalp is clean. Thirdly, removing all the traces of oil in your scalp and hair is essential otherwise, it can add up to the buildup of excess oils. 

      1. Detangle Your Hair With Wide-Tooth Comb

        Using a wide-tooth comb on wet hair is the most effective way to take care of your beloved tresses. Hair becomes fragile when they are wet. Detangling wet hair with a comb with a close set of teeth can increase breakage and cause damage to follicles. In contrast, wide-tooths pass through the large layers of hair without pulling or breaking them. Therefore, a wide-tooth comb is most suitable for tangled hair after the shower.

        Detangle Your Hair With Wide-Tooth Comb and protect while styling

        1. Protect Your Hair While Styling

          Who doesn’t want to experiment with their hairstyle every once in a while? But for the sake of perfect look, torturing the strands with heating tools, straighteners, tongs, and flat iron is not fair. Excessive heat strips your hair off its natural oils and proteins that keep it protected. 

          Use styling tools in moderation. Rely on volumizers, serums, and gels more to twist and turn your hair into the style you want! We recommend vitamin-rich and restorative Biotin Hair Serum by Botanic Hearth. It provides nutrients and vitamins to your scalp while making your hair easy to manage and visibly silky smooth. 

          scalp care is hair care

          1. Scalp Care is Hair Care

          The best hair care routine tip ever would be to take care of your scalp before you worry about your hair. The scalp has the same skin as anywhere in your body. It goes through a similar cycle of exfoliation every 20-25 days. The buildup of dead cells, excess oils, product residue, and harm caused by pollutants affects the scalp’s health like it does to your facial skin. Therefore exfoliation with gentle yet deep-cleansing shampoos like Botanic Hearth Himalayan Salt Shampoo keeps your scalp happy, cleansed, and refreshed. Aside from giving your scalp a thorough rinse, this shampoo promotes visibly shinier, stronger, and silkier hair. 

          Despite the never-ending list of to-dos, most of us are ready to spare some time to glorify our crowning beauty, aka the hair. And why not? Hairs are the first noticeable feature of your personality. They enhance your look and boost confidence. With the help of a proper hair care routine, you can maintain the beauty, youth, and shine of your locks. For this reason, try out Botanic Hearth’s extensive haircare range because we are always in search of healthy and natural alternatives to chemicals to provide safe hair care to you.


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