Top 7 Mistakes You Might Be Making If You Have Thin Hair

Top 7 Mistakes You Might Be Making If You Have Thin Hair

Top 7 Mistakes You Might Be Making If You Have Thin Hair

The moment you realize your hair is thinning is the moment it dawns upon you that some severe damage has already been done to your scalp. As a matter of fact, thinning of hair happens gradually. 

At first, you will have extra strands in the comb, styling becomes difficult, tackling frizziness and dullness would be a constant problem, and then thinner spots on your head would get noticeable. 

Nonetheless, thin hair doesn’t have to be a permanent problem. You can get the shine and vitality of your strands back by being careful in your hair care regimenwhich starts with understanding what mistakes are contributing to hair thinning, rectifying the harm caused unintentionally. 

Here are 7 common mistakes that you ought to stop to strengthen the thin hair:

7 Mistakes That You Need to Avoid to Strength Thin Hair

    1. Washing the Hair With Hot Water

Limiting the use of hot water to wash your hair is not a piece of easy advice, especially in the winters. But truth be told, hot water is causing more harm to your hair than good. 

girl in shower washing hair with hot water using Argan oil shampoo

The scalp’s natural oil, sebum, is essential for healthy, strong, and glossy hair. Hot water washes away sebum, disrupts the moisture barrier, and causes excessive flakiness and irritations on the scalp, leading to hair loss and hair thinning. 

    1. Tying Up Wet Hair

Even if you are running late for work or are in a hurry to board a plane, remove tying wet hair from the long list of urgent hacks. Wet hair is delicate and fragile. It stretches easily, and when you pull them to style, it causes follicles to break.

Instead of pulling wet hair in a ponytail or any other tight hairstyle, use a clip or wide band to let it air dry and stay put in place.

    1. Over Use of Products

Thin hair is challenging to style, groom, and manage, especially when the baby hair flies away to their will and ruins the hairstyle you so want to carry. 

The idea of using too many serums, gels, oils, or balms is to get the lusciousness and thickness of thin hair back. However, it doesn't work this way. Since thin hair is not voluminous and healthy, topical products having heavy consistency weigh it down, making your tresses look flat and lifeless. 

The key to rejuvenating and renewing thin hair is to be moderate with the use of products. Not too little or not too much. Take just about enough amount that should do the trick.

    1. Avoiding Hair Color

It is a common belief that hair colors and dyes are not beneficial for thin hair, but the reality is quite the opposite. Colors add life and visible thickness to your hair, making them look attractive and vibrant. 

The shades and contrast of highlights in strands give your hair a fuller, shinier, and smoother appearance. However, make sure that the hair colors are free of harsh chemicals and follow a strict hair care routine later.
To pamper your treated hair well, try incorporating this Purple Shampoo And Conditioner Set into your routine and witness the difference yourself! 

hair care collection

    1. Using The Wrong Shampoo

Consider shampoos to be the backbone of your hair care routine. Without the use of a suitable shampoo, there is no getting better for thin hair. In fact, a shampoo with harsh chemicals can aggravate existing concerns and give rise to scalp issues. 

Gentle and soothing hair cleansers containing natural ingredients contribute to silky, strong hair. Our choice for you is Botanic Hearth Argan Oil Shampoo made with antioxidant-rich and hydrating oils. It draws out impurities and dead skin cells from the scalp, leaving it refreshed and relaxed. Moreover, this shampoo works well for all hair types, including chemically dry and thin hair. 

    1. Not Applying Conditioners

A good conditioner provides your hair with significant therapeutic benefits for a silky smooth look and soft texture. It moisturizes and tones the hair, coats it with a protective layer, and boosts vitality. Skipping the use of conditioner is like depriving your hair of the nourishment it needs.

We recommend Botanic Hearth Keratin Conditioner with Argan Oil made with restorative and deeply moisturizing ingredients to enhance the natural beauty of dull, lackluster hair. It seals in moisture, fortifies the follicles, leaving your hair with a visible strength and shine.

aggresively combing the hair

    1. Aggressively Combing the Hair

Combing the hair in an aggressive manner is never a smart move. It causes stress on cuticles, increases breakage, makes the follicles vulnerable and weak, worsening the overall hair health. For styling your hair, use a wide-tooth comb. Starting from the ends, detangle the knots and slowly move up to the roots.  

Behind healthy and strong hair is a good hair regimen that tackles the scalp’s problems and maintains its vitality. Botanic Hearth is helping you take care of your hair with products made with natural and pure ingredients. Our carefully curated haircare collection has cleansers, serums, conditioners, oils, masks, and more for every hair type. Shop today to fortify your follicles and promote hair resilience!


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