Tips for Keeping Your Hair Hydrated in Winters

Tips for Keeping Your Hair Hydrated in Winters


Winter can be a particularly harsh season for your hair. The weather dries out the ends and if it rains or snows, you have a mountain of frizz to deal with. This is why it is crucial to take extra care of your hair in the winter months. 

There are so many shortcuts out there to the perfect winter hair care routine but the more effort you put into your hair, the better it will look and feel. So, cut back on the shortcuts and invest in a routine that will keep your luscious locks healthy all year round. 

How to Keep Your Hair Hydrated in Winters

1. Put Away the Hot Tools 

    To ensure that your hair retains the little moisture it can get in the winter time, refrain from excessive heat styling. Hot tools can be very tempting, especially if your hair is looking frizzy and brittle, but they are only a short-term solution. In the long-run, heat styling can severely damage the hair, making it look drier and more frizzy the more you do it. 

    Instead, resort to heatless hairstyles using techniques like rollers that tame the hair without damaging it too much. These heatless hairstyles are also a lot less expensive than hot tools that will definitely burn a hole in your wallet! 

    2. Skip the Shampoo, Head Straight for Conditioner 

      One of the reasons why hair feels drier in winter is because we shampoo it too frequently. One solution to frequent washing is to use a conditioner on the ends of your hair instead of cleansing your scalp with shampoo every time you shower. 


      Botanic Hearth’s Keratin Conditioner is an excellent product to tame frizz and provide hydration to the hair in the shower. This way, your hair will retain its moisture for a couple more days in the week. 

      3. Have a Bath 

        While conditioner with no-poo is always a viable option, you could also resort to washing your hair a lot less. Substitute your daily showers with baths instead to give your hair a break. The less you wash your scalp, the more time you give for natural oils on your scalp to nourish your hair. 

        These baths can be incredibly soothing as well so make the most of them. Explore Botanic Hearth’s range of shower gels and scrubs that you can take into the bath with you! 

        4. Use Oil Treatments 

        Incorporating oils into your hair care routine can be incredibly beneficial for your hair. Many essential oils work to hydrate the hair, helping it to retain its moisture. Tea tree oil is an especially hydrating oil which you can apply to your scalp and ends after a wash. Not only does this help decrease buildup in the scalp, giving you a long gap between washes but also adds shine to dull and dry hair. 

        5. Get Regular Trims 

          The winter time is perfect for getting trims because your ends can get extremely dry. Trimming off the dry ends can restore shine to your hair and make them feel a lot smoother and healthy. Taming your ends also makes your hair more manageable, especially if you are using a variety of hair treatments. 

          6. Hair Masks are Your Hero

            Hair masks can be your knight in shining armour in the winter time. Hair masks are a great product for moisturizing the hair while also nourishing it and keeping it healthy. Using a weekly mask can do wonders for hair health. There are several myths out there that tell you that hair masks can dry out your hair and it’s time they got debunked! 


            Botanic Hearth’s Keratin Hair Mask detangles, intensely hydrates and deeply nourishes dry and damaged hair. It helps to seal in moisture which is especially beneficial for color-treated and over processed hair. Using this mask regularly will help to rejuvenate your hair, restoring its shine and softness, keeping them smooth and sleek. 

            7. Lukewarm Water is Key 

              In the winter, we are all tempted to take steaming hot showers because it’s just so cold outside! Washing your hair with steaming hot water is damaging because it can dry out. Hot water also makes hair more prone to breakage. While it is not advisable to wash your hair in ice cold water either, it would do your hair some good to lower the water temperature to a moderate temperature. Your hair will be much smoother and softer out of the shower as compared to dry and brittle when washed with colder water. 

              These were our top tips for keeping your hair hydrated in the winters. Be sure to check out the Botanic Hearth shop to explore our full range of products to drive your hair woes away!

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