The Art of Bathing: 5 Moisturizing Rituals to Soothe and Soften

The Art of Bathing 5 Moisturizing Rituals to Soothe and Soften

The Art of Bathing: 5 Moisturizing Rituals to Soothe and Soften

Bathing is more than a cleansing ritual and personal hygiene habit. It is the only relaxing pause in the daily groove for our hearts to relax, rethink, and relish to satisfaction. 

Back in the day, taking a long luxuriating bath or an invigorating shower was not as easy as it is today. Yet diverse cultures preserved their beauty and combated skin concerns like scars, blemishes, and acne with pure, natural, and chemical-free ingredients. 

Some of their bathing and moisturizing rituals are still relevant and have been used for centuries. With the increase in environmental pollution and the effects of adverse lifestyle choices on our skin, we can use these ancient chemical-free rituals to achieve optimal skin health. 

Here we have enlisted the most renowned ancient bathing and moisturizing rituals that are still valid. 


5 Moisturizing and Bathing Rituals That Beautify The Skin

  1. Dry Brushing 

There is no denying that Ancient Egyptians were immensely conscious of self-care. We can get an idea of their keen interest in preserving skin health through their remarkable beauty rituals. Dry brushing or body brushing, which is quite a popular 21st-century skincare ritual, is an innovation of Egyptians. 

Dry brushing is the act of exfoliating the skin with the use of a soft brush. It is known to remove dead skin, tone complexion, encourage cell turnover, and boost circulation. This gentle exfoliating method works incredibly well in reducing the appearance of cellulite and giving you glowing and refreshed skin. 

  1. Detoxifying Scrubs

Body Scrubs have been an integral part of bathing and moisturizing rituals throughout history. Women in Asia, Egypt, and Europe created scrubs with various ingredients to exfoliate, rejuvenate, and brighten the skin. They used mud, plant extracts, salts, and porous substances like charcoal powder before bath to soothe the skin. 

Today, body scrubs continue to be incorporated into beauty care routines for toned and supple skin. A body scrub sloughs off dead cells, smooths out roughness, promotes an even tone complexion, removes impurities and excess oils for a vibrant looking and soft feeling skin. 

Upgrade your bathing experience with Botanic Hearth Himalayan Salt Body Scrub with Lychee Oil. It leaves the skin feeling light, hydrated, and renewed. This powerful scrub is paraben and sulfate-free, suitable for all skin types. 

  1. Hydrating Masks

The credit of giving the modern world an idea of hydrating facial and body masks goes to ancient Indians. The pioneers of Ayurvedic medicines created a skin mask called ”Ubtan” over 5,000 years ago. Ubtan combines turmeric powder, aloe vera gel, and rose water to detoxify impurities and revive skin’s lost radiance. 

Ubtan is still an important part of the beauty care rituals of women around the world.  Later, in the 19th century, America’s Madame Rowley invented the first-ever face mask for clean, fresh, and smooth skin. It was called the “toilet masks.”

Hydrating masks help soothe acne, fade the appearance of scars and discoloration, soften the skin, and improve its overall well-being. Experts recommend applying masks at least once or twice a week. Botanic Hearth’s Seaweed Facial Mask is a perfect mask made for all skin types, including dry, combination, oily and normal. It is a nourishing facial mask that promotes visibly healthy and vibrant skin. 

botanic hearth organic peppermint essential oil

  1. Moisturizing Oils

The use of body oils might seem like the latest addition to present-day bathing and moisturizing rituals, but it’s not. Body oils are as old as time, with a rich history stretched way back to ancient civilizations. The Chineses, Romans, Egyptians, Indians, Greeks, and Australian Aboriginals all favored pure oils for beauty care, massage, and perfumery. 

Body oils offer a myriad of skin, mind, and body benefits. They moisturize, cleanse and calm the skin, relax the mind, and support muscle and joint relaxation.  Moreover, massage with oils smoothes out the look of cellulite and promotes firm and young-looking skin. 

After taking a shower, moisturize your skin with Botanic Hearth Cellulite Massage Oil. It unites an active blend of essential oils and therapeutic ingredients. This intensely moisturizing massage oil leaves the skin feeling like silk while comforting the aching body. 

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  1. Body Washes 

With the need to getting clean came the need for a bar of soap. The history of soap goes way back to 2800 BC to the era of ancient Babylonians. It is hard to tell who the inventor of soap was or which ingredients were used in the first-ever soap. However, the soap-like materials in clay cylinders recovered from Babylon’s time gave humans the knowledge to formulate soaps and detergents that we use today. 

Body washes came to the beauty care scene relatively late, 21st-century for that matter. Although body washes are alternative to traditional soaps made to remove dirt and oilsthey have a different composition. 

Body washes contain vicious liquids with supremely hydrating properties, mild cleansers, and moisturizing oils infused with aromatic essential oils. They cleanse off impurities and dirt without disturbing the skin’s pH levels. Soaps, on the other hand, have harsh chemicals that can be irritating to the skin.  

If you are making a switch to body washes from traditional soap, try out Botanic Hearth Lavender Body Wash. Made with lavender oil, coconut oil, and shea butter, this body wash calms and softens the skin while leaving your skin with a refreshing scent. 

The ultimate way to enjoy a peaceful me-time with these bathing and moisturizing rituals is by incorporating Botanic Hearth’s paraben and sulfate-free body care products into your routine. All our products are carefully made without harsh chemicals or additives to give your skin the purest care that it deserves!.


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