Tea Tree Shampoo for Hair: Benefits and Uses of Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oils shampoo benefits for hair

Tea Tree Shampoo for Hair: Benefits and Uses of Tea Tree Oil

The heavens would have been incredibly proud to have blessed the humans with genius brains that came up with the idea of shampoos. Just think about it; what was it like gathering numerous ingredients and creating a mixture to wash your hair. In the olden days, people used bacon fat, vinegar, nettles, thyme, mint, rosemary water, and even salt to get a clean scalp. Now, you step into a market, grab the shampoo you like, and boomrefreshed and renewed hair. Wait, not that fast and easy. We still run into scalp issues, isn’t it?

In this modern and advanced time, we have our share of scalp issues. Yes, we don’t have to collect cleansers and go through a messy and time-consuming task to wash the scalp. Yet the struggle to maintain a head full of healthy hair remains tricky: The problemthe set of ingredients used in your shampoo. 

Cutting the chase, let us talk about a natural, pure, and therapeutic ingredient that is having a moment in the hair care space right nowTea Tree Oil. 

What Is Tea Tree Oil?

Firstly, let it be known, tea tree oil is not a new entrant in the hair care industry. It has been used for soothing scalp concerns for many centuries. Tea tree oil comes from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant native to Australia. Initially, this plant served the purpose of comforting sensitive and irritated skin.

With time, people learned about tea tree oil’s extensive beautifying benefits, and there was no coming back. Soon it became a staple in shampoos, masks, serums, styling products, and whatnot. The credit of tea tree oil’s efficacy and efficiency goes to its primary constituents. It contains:

  • A-pinenePurifying and cleansing
  • B-pineneClarifies the impurities
  • SabineneEncourages scalp vitality.
  • MyrceneGives it bounce and lift to dull hair.
  • TerpineneCalms irritations and itchiness.
  • 1-8 cineoleExfoliates dead cells and dirt buildup.
  • LinaloolTherapeutic and soothing.
  • LimoneneRefreshing and hydrating.
  • CymeneEffective antioxidant for hair fortification.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Hair

Improves Overall Scalp Wellbeing

    Tea tree oil is a top choice for comforting a troubled, irritated and itchy scalp. It helps hydrate the follicles, calm dryness and itchiness, improving the overall wellbeing of your beloved tresses.

    Rejuvenates and Damaged Locks

      Whether the damage to your hair is due to dryness, heat styling, lack of moisture, or scalp concerns, tea tree oil bestows shine, softness, and sleekness to the lifeless strands.

      Boosts Visible Volume and Vitality

        The key to healthy hair is a healthy scalp. An ingredient that makes your scalp feel refreshed and rejuvenatedprovides it with antioxidant care and therapeutic comfortsupports scalp revivalwill result in boosting the visible volume and vitality of your hair. That is tea tree oil for you!

        Soothes Oily and Greasy Scalp

          Excess oiliness in the scalp leads to clogged pores, dandruff, flaky skin, itching, dirt buildup, greasy hair, and the list goes on. Tea tree oil keeps your hair visibly strong, glossy, and vibrant by exfoliating the scalp and removing dead cells from it. 

          Increases Sheen and Luster of Dull Hair

            When your hair feels happy and fresh from within, there is no chance it will look dull and rough from the outside. The goal is to combat the concerns keeping your locks from feeling their healthiest. EntersTea Tree Oil that transforms tired and stressed tresses into smooth and silky strands by promoting their resilience and vigor. 

            women applying tea tree oil on hair

            Uses of Tea Tree Oil for Hair

            To Soothe Itchy and Irritated Scalp 

              1. Dilute 5 drops of tea tree oil with 2 tablespoons of any coconut oil
              2. Massage onto your scalp and leave it on for 2-3 hours
              3. Rinse with regular shampoo afterward
              4. Use it twice a week

              To Increase Shine and Softness of Your Hair

                1. Mix 15 of tea tree oil with 5 tablespoons of almond oil
                2. Apply to your from roots to ends
                3. Leave it for 2-3 hours
                4. Wash with regular shampoo afterward
                5. Use it twice a week

                To Calm Oily Scalp

                  1. Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 2 tablespoons of raw honey, and 10 drops of tea tree oil
                  2. Gather the ingredients in a small container and mix well to create a thick paste
                  3. Apply it t your scalp
                  4. Leave it on 30-40 minutes
                  5. Rinse with shampoo
                  6. Use this twice a month

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                  Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for Visibly Shiny, Silky, and Stong Hair

                  A non-messy, smooth and straightforward way of reaping all the above-mentioned uses and benefits of tea tree oil is to find a shampoo containing it. Saving you from spending your precious time on the search, we introduce you to Botanic Hearth Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner.

                  This supremely soothing, highly hydrating, and effectively exfoliating shampoo and conditioner promote a look of fuller, glossier, and smoother strands. It moisturizes the scalp with silk protein, fortifies the follicles with aloe vera, revives the resilience with vitamins A, C, and finally brings life and lusciousness to your locks with pure tea tree oil. One gem of a haircare duo to add to your routine.

                  Today’s class on tea tree oil has been dismissed. We hope that we were able to elaborate on the extensive benefits and uses of tea tree oil in the best possible way. 

                  Visit our shop to stock up your shower cabinet with more effective, safe, and chemical-free products. Botanic Hearth has a wide range of hair care collections carefully customized for all hair types!

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