Tamed, Manageable, Soft Hair: Hair Serums

Tamed, Manageable, Soft hair - Hair Serums

Tamed, Manageable, Soft Hair: Hair Serums

What a wonderful world it would be if we could all wake up to flawless hair every single day. Hair doesn’t tame itself, and that’s why you need a proper hair care routine. Using the right shampoos and conditioners go a long way, but we’re more interested in what you do post-shower. Hair serums are an indispensable part of a well-rounded hair care routine. After every wash, you should apply a generous amount on your damp hair for soft and manageable locks. 

Here are the top 4 reasons why you need to incorporate hair serums in your everyday routine. 

Top 4 Reasons to Use Hair Serums 

  1. Smooth Frizz

Hair serums are perfect for those hot and humid days when you just can’t get your hair to behave. Applying hair serum on damp hair can go a long way. Serums are far more hydrating than regular hair sprays and mousse, which make them a better alternative. 

Tamed, Manageable, Soft hair - Hair drops

Botanic Hearth’s Caviar Corrective Hair Drops act as a smoothing hair serum. It contains a blend of conditioning ingredients that work to hydrate hair strands. These conditioning agents help to rejuvenate your messy mane. Not to mention, it is the best hair serum to promote hair growth. Who would mind that?  

Apply a generous amount into the palm of your hand and work the product evenly through your hair. Leave the serum in your hair and style it as usual. 

  1. Add Shine
We all yearn for long and shiny hair. Most days, the ordeal feels like nothing more than a dream. However, hair serums are here to make that dream a reality.  

Tamed, Manageable, Soft hair - Hair Serums - Add shine to hair

Shine-boosting hair serum can do wonders for your hair. Not only does it make it look healthy, but it also makes them soft and luscious. Botanic Hearth’s Biotin Serum is infused with biotin. This serum restores lustre to dull hair and promotes shine. It contains essential conditioners that provide intense moisture to the hair. 

A simple way to use this serum would be to apply a few drops before a blow-dry. Flat ironing your hair after using the serum would amplify shine and lustre. 

  1. Nourish Dry Hair
Dry hair can often look dull and lacklustre. It is also more prone to breakage and damage. This is why it is essential to ensure that your hair is moisturized at all times. 

One of the best ways to recover hair damage due to dryness is using hair serum. Botanic Hearth has got the best hair serum for damaged hair. 

Tamed, Manageable, Soft hair - Tea Tree Hair Serum

The Tea Tree Hair Serum contains the profound benefits of tea tree essential oil. Known to promote hair growth – tea tree oil works to cleanse the scalp making it the perfect hair serum ingredient. Moreover, the Tea Tree Hair Serum also contains Vitamin E and peppermint essential oil, keeping dry hair moisturized and manageable. 

This hair serum can be applied on dry or damp hair to sculpt any style! 

  1. Style to Perfection
The perfect salon blowout could burn a hole in your budget if done regularly. So why not bring the salon to your home? 

Tamed, Manageable, Soft hair - Hair Serums

A good hair serum is all you need to get your blow-dry looking on fleek every time. What’s more, you can do it yourself at less than half the cost! Using Botanic Hearth’s Keratin Anti Frizz Hair Serum, make your hair styling woes disappear! This serum tames flyaway and frizzy hair. It also has intense moisturizing ingredients that leave the hair feeling soft, shiny, and salon-ready! 

Its special formula of keratin and silk protein is designed to promote hair elasticity and silkiness– the perfect canvas for hairstyling! Apply the serum over damp hair from your roots to ends. Then blow-dry your hair with a brush to get smooth and shiny results! 

Now that we’ve given you the complete guide to using hair serums in your everyday routine, all that’s left is for you to try them out! Head on over to our virtual store to check out some of these game-changing serums! 


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