5 Signs You are Over-Exfoliating

5 signs you are over exfoliating

5 Signs You are Over-Exfoliating

Without a doubt, exfoliation has been a life-changing addition to our beauty regimes. It is a miracle beauty hack when used with vigilance and control. Exfoliation helps to remove any buildup of dead cells and dirt; this is critical for the health and well-being of the skin. It gives the skin a natural glow as the skin completes its turnover cycle. However, due to the numerous benefits of exfoliation, many skincare amateurs end up overdoing it a tad bit! This results in a lousy fallout with the skin.

Over-exfoliation is something to keep in check. Whether you prefer to apply an exfoliating acid or physical scrub with a granular texture, sometimes you can go overboard with the benefits. Over-exfoliation means the point where all the benefits of exfoliation convert into adverse consequences. 

Due to frequent and untimely exfoliation, the skin becomes dry, irritated, and can break out. These can be the telltale signs that maybe you are over-exfoliating. 

Here's a complete look into the more common signs of over-exfoliation.

signs of over exfoliation

5 Signs of Over Exfoliation

1- Dry Flaky Skin

Well, did you exfoliate more than a couple of times a week and feel like your skin has become dry and patchy? 

This might be the aftermath of over-exfoliating your skin. Over scrubbing your skin can strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving it dehydrated. 

The best way to avoid this is by following your exfoliating regimes with a lightweight, refreshing moisturizer. Botanic Hearth Aloe Vera gel is a gentle moisturizer with a gel-like texture enriched with the goodness of natural essential oils and aloe vera gel. Apply this moisturizer after exfoliating your skin to keep it smooth and silky. 

Slow down with those endless exfoliating sessions.

2- Impromptu Breakouts

Do you often hear someone saying, "I exfoliated and broke out?” 

We feel your pain! 

Over-exfoliation can result in random breakouts and can also further aggravate a prevailing acne condition. Moderate exfoliation can be great for pimples. However, the intense exfoliating regime can weaken the skin by stripping away its natural oils and minerals, so much so that its defense against microbes becomes weak. This can result in breakouts and worsening acne conditions. If you observe sudden breakouts, maybe it's time to go on an exfoliating break for a while. If you have any worsening skin condition, do consult with a dermatologist.   

3- Redness and Irritation

This might be the first sign of over-exfoliation. It is usual for the skin to get slightly red after an exfoliating regime. However, redness lasting for more than 24 hours might indicate some other cause. If there is a tingling or burning sensation on your skin after use of an exfoliant then this might be a sign of over-exfoliation or any imminent allergic reaction. If redness and inflammation is usual after exfoliation, you may need to change your exfoliator and assess the frequency.

4- Oily Skin

I know you must be surprised about this notion that over-exfoliation can lead to oily skin. Contrary to popular belief, over-exfoliation doesn't only cause dryness; it can also result in more oil production. This is because Exfoliators strip the skin of all its natural oils and minerals, and the skin produces more oil to compensate for the loss. This results in oily skin and more sebum production. 

Another important question that keeps surfacing the internet is, "Can over-exfoliating cause closed comedones?" 

The answer is sadly a yes. Over-exfoliation can dry out the skin, resulting in oil production resulting in clogged pores hence, comedones. One way to keep the oil production at bay is to use exfoliators once or twice a week and not too frequently.

5- Waxy Skin 

Another prominent yet unknown sign of over-exfoliation is shiny, waxy skin with a more plastic-like texture. Everyone wants shiny, glowing skin and a dewy look. However, if your skin becomes shiny and translucent after exfoliation, then it is a telltale sign that you are over-exfoliating your skin. The waxy texture is an indicator of your skin barrier becoming weak. Your skin should look naturally dewy due to hydration rather than stripping oils from the natural skin barrier. So, if your skin seems overly shiny and translucent, maybe it's time to step back on your exfoliating regime and reevaluate your products.

things to do in over exfoliation

What to Do if You Have Over Exfoliated your Skin?

The first and foremost step to treat over-exfoliated skin is to stop exfoliating simply! For a while, at least till your skin returns to its lost shine and glory.

You don't need any high-end and sci-fi products; just let your skin heal back to its normal texture. Go for gentle and organic face wash like Botanic Hearths Tea tree and mint face wash, a light moisturizer like Aloe Vera Gel

For more organic and natural products like cleansers, oils and gels visit our store.  Also use toners, and SPF to help rebuild the skin barrier. Avoid any additional products; even natural remedies like honey for exfoliation can damage the skin. More comforting products like shea butter, squalene, and glycerine can help calm dry and dehydrated skin and irritation.

Long story short, excess of everything is bad, so slow down on the use of exfoliators, and love your skin to the fullest.


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