Rule Your Unruly Curls

Rule Your Unruly Curls

Rule Your Unruly Curls

Curly hair is finally getting the much-deserved limelight and appreciation for their unique beauty from the glamour world. It might not be the easiest task to nourish, manage, or style them, but one must agree that curls personify charm and elegance. Only selfless love and conscious care can get this untamed, unruly, and unkempt hair type to behave and shine. 

While this love-hate relationship you have going on with your ringlets is tough to carry on at times, their individuality is worth the struggle. 

If you have been blessed with natural curls, follow these tips to nurture and maintain them:

Avoid Washing Your Hair More Than Twice

How to Rule, Style and Manage Curly Hair?

  1. Avoid Washing Your Hair More Than Twice

There is a significant reason why curly hair is more prone to dryness and irritations. It happens because the natural oils responsible for maintaining and protecting the scalp’s health don’t reach curly hair’s roots as quickly compared to straight hair. This insufficiency of oils makes the scalp dehydrated and itchy, hence increased hair loss. 

Although the primary purpose of cleansing is to remove excess oils and impurities off the scalp, washing curly hair more than twice can damage its texture and structure. A moisturizing and gentle shampoo like our own Argan Oil Shampoo helps enhance the scalp and hair’s shine, smoothness, and strength. It exfoliates and purifies the scalp without stripping off its natural oils, leaving it feeling clean and refreshed.

  1. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

    When it comes to styling curly and wavy hair, moisturization is the only way to do it. Take the generous help of styling serums, gels, or carrier oils to control frizz while detangling the hair. Once you have rinsed off the shampoo and dried your hair, apply a nourishing serum right away before combing your tresses. Styling serums provide hydration and softness to the hair and help you style your hair the way you want. 

    We recommend Botanic Hearth Biotin Hair Serum to tame unruly, frizzy, and flyaway hair. It is enriched with vitamins and proteins to support visibly voluminous, glossy, and silky smooth hair.

    condition the hair with a deep conditioner

    1. Condition the Hair with A Deep Conditioner

      All hair types need the therapeutic and protective coat of nurturing conditioner, but curly hair type needs it even more. Because of the said reasons, curly hair is more susceptible to dryness and roughness. A conditioner locks in moisture, calms dryness, adds manageability, and improves the overall health and wellbeing of the scalp and hair. 

      Apply a hydrating deep conditioner after rinsing off the suds and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with water afterward.

      1. Limit the Use of Blow-Dryers and Heat-Styling Tools

        Frequent heat styling and blow-drying can cause massive damage to the hair. The negative ions emitted through the heating tools seep out moisture, increase dryness, weaken the follicles, form split ends, and leave your stress looking dull and lifeless. 

        girl using blow dryer limit the use if it

        Ideally, you should let your hair dry naturally with air. Keep blow-drying an option only for urgent events. Or, if you are running out of time, turn on your blow dryer on a low setting using a diffuser attachment to keep your hair in place and lower the frizz. 

        1. Touch Me Not

          Touching curly hair after the application of styling serums is a recipe for disaster. Curly hair is always ready to become frizzy. The more you touch them, the more frizzy and dry they will get. Your fingers would remove natural oils from the strands and drift them away from the shape you want them to take. Especially keep your hands off them when they are damp after the shower.

          mist for shine - girl with curly hair smiling
          1. Mist for Shine

            You might have noticed that curly hair looks dull and a bit more lackluster than straight hair. This is because light gets trapped inside the spirals and coils of curly hair and does not reflect. The solution to glorify your gorgeous hair in a broad light is by using a lightweight, soothing and hydrating mist to add shine, vigor, and volume. It would also make styling the hair easier and tame the frizz. 

            It is needless to say that curly hair is tough to tame. But a little TLC can get them to behave and bounce. The best way to refine and style this unpredictable and unruly hair type is by nurturing it with safe, pure, and natural ingredients. 

            Explore our extensive nature-based haircare collection to create a customized curl care regimen!


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