Nurturing The Hungry Hair

Nurturing The Hungry Hair

Nurturing The Hungry Hair

Whether you have silky straight tresses, unruly curls, stubborn coils, or careless waves, you would never want your hair to look dull, rough, lifeless, and lackluster. But once you begin to experience scalp issues such as flakiness, hair loss, and the general lack of shine, you can't rejuvenate your strands without careful nurturing. Yes, nurturing.  Nurture is a word we rarely find in the hair care vocabulary. Yet nurturing is what your beloved tresses need to look smooth, luminous, and strong again when they are in a compromised and weak condition. 

But first of all, understand how you would know your hair is hungry?

How Do You Define Hungry Hair?

If your hair lacks lusciousness and vitality and feels rough and dry, it can be considered hungry. The hair follicles receive nutrients and minerals through your scalp's natural oils.  But if due to any reason, be it dehydration, improper diet, frequent washing, heat styling, or humidity, your scalp doesn't produce enough oils, you will have damaged, dull, and lifeless hair, aka hungry.  

In this guide, we will explain how to nurture hungry hair for smoother, softer, and silkier results. 

5 Tips to Nurture Your Hair

1. Create A Hydrating Hair Care Routine

One of the best ways to improve hair wellness and resilience is by providing maximum moisturization to the scalp. Your scalp is not any different from the skin on your entire body. When it gets dry, itchy, or irritated, the scalp needs a boost of hydration to feel fresh and relaxed again, like the skin does. 

Create A Hydrating Hair Care Routine

For scalp replenishment and rejuvenation, use Biotin Shampoo and Collagen Conditioner. This duo features biotin and collagen proteins, a series of carrier oils, turmeric extract, Korean Gingseng, and gentle exfoliators to give extra volume, body, and bounce to our strands, leaving them looking ultra-smooth and polished.  

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2. Add A Restorative Deep Conditioner To Your Routine

Deep conditioners have nutrient and moisturization-packed content to repair, restore, and renew the damaged, brittle, and stressed hair. They distribute vital vitamins, proteins, and oils to each strand, coating them with a protective layer and improving their overall condition. In other words, a deep conditioner puts lifeless hair on the road to recovery. 

Add A Restorative Deep Conditioner To Your Routine

We all want our hair to look shiny and soft, and Tea Tree Oil Hair Mask does just that for you. It contains invigorating and smoothing ingredients such as soy protein, vitamin E, collagen, keratin, and tea tree oil as the base. With these powerful ingredients, your hair is gradually getting shiny and more manageable. 

3. Apply A Vegetable Oil Before You Wash Your Hair

Vegetable oils provide “nourishment” to your hair. Be it virgin coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, or avocado oil, they all are rich sources of essential nutrients, fatty acids, and antioxidants that your hair needs for energy and revival. Pick an oil of your choice and massage from roots to tips 2-3 hours before washing your hair. This process is called pre-poo. 

4. Limit Heat Styling

Heat styling damages your hair’s shape, moisture barrier, and cuticle health. Each strand constitutes 4% fats, 79% keratin proteins, and 17% water.  Exposure to a temperature above 300 F interrupts with keratin structure, converting ⍺-keratin to β-keratin, leaving your hair weaker, thinner, and more prone to breakage. In addition, heat absorbs moisture and interrupts water molecules that bond your hair. 

limit heat styling

Keep your fortified against the heat and drying effects of styling tools with Biotin Argan Oil Thermal Shield. This featherweight,anti-frizz, smoothing product delivers luxurious sheen and visible volume to rough and lackluster hair. Apply it to dry hair before using styling tools to add hydration and a protective layer to your strands. 

5. Adopt A Healthy Diet Routine

If your follicles aren't feeling healthy from the inside, they won't look healthy from the outside. A well-balanced diet is vital for your hair's health and overall condition. Insufficient nutrition makes your follicles weak and dry, resulting in increased hair loss and thinning. Proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and essential fatty acids provide energy and vigor to your stands, supporting their growth cycle and wellness. 

Whatever the cause of hair damage, by boosting moisturization, limiting heat exposure, maintaining proper dietary habits, and devoted care, you can improve your strands' softness, smoothness, and strength. Just be consistent!

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