How to Use Trigger Points in Massage Therapy

BH-How to use trigger points in massage therapy

With limited access to professional massage therapists due to Covid-19, it would be useful to learn how to give yourself a relaxing massage. The most popular way to do this is to use trigger points. This type of massage has become increasingly common since the pandemic hit, and we’re here to tell you all about its benefits. 

What is a Trigger Point Massage? 

A trigger point massage is used to release any muscular pain, and it happens by applying varying amounts of pressure to the affected area for relief. This is usually done by a massage therapist. 

Minor points of pain can be easily relieved using this technique of trigger point massage therapy. Sometimes you are able to soothe your own pain points better than a masseuse can. 

BH-How to use trigger points in massage therapy

How Does Trigger Point Massage Work? 

The way you go about trigger point massage therapy is by identifying a pattern of certain pain points in your body. It is at these points, also referred to as ‘muscle knots,’ that the pain is most intense. 

Trigger Point Massage Tool 

There are several ways that you can use to help alleviate this pain. You could use a good old-fashioned massage tool to rub over those stubborn knots in your body. Alternatively, you could use a trigger point massage therapy tool designed especially to tackle the spasms caused by muscular pain. 

These tools are often cost-effective and work wonders for massage therapy. Applying a considerable amount of pressure to the pain point can promote relaxation almost right away. 

Moreover, you can use a tool any time the plain flares up, whether that’s twice a week or twice a day. 

Trigger Point Massage Injections

This form of massage therapy is not for the faint-hearted. But, if needles don’t scare you all that much, this might be a viable solution for muscle soreness and body aches. 

For this step, it would be useful to have a trigger points chart to help you recognize your pain areas and which area to administer the injections in. 

Trigger point injections contain steroids that target knots. This tiny injection is enough to comfort your aching body. 

BH-How to use trigger points in massage therapy

Old Fashioned Massage Therapy 

Of course, if trigger point massages are not your style, you can always resort to other methods of massage therapy: the traditional kind! 

For the traditional method of massage therapy, all you need is your hands and good oil. In order to get the best results out of your massage, you should rub the affected area firmly but gently, preferably in patterned motions. For example, it would be beneficial to rub in circular motions, either clockwise or counterclockwise. 

Moreover, you should allow yourself to enjoy the experience. Light a scented candle, give yourself the chance to wind down, and turn it into a self care ritual. 

The products that you used are just as important. Botanic Hearth Sore Muscle Massage Oil is the perfect product to get you started! 

Formulated with arnica extract and a unique blend of essential oils, this oil is excellent to use after a hard day at work or an intense workout at the gym. Its absorbent formula works to promote comfort and relaxation any time of the day! 

Now that you’re equipped with all the information you need about massage therapy, choose one that works for your daily relaxation! 


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