How to Use Hair Mask The Right Way!

How to Use Hair Mask The Right Way! girl using hair mask

How to Use Hair Mask The Right Way!

You must have heard about hair masks from influencers and celebrities. Hair Masks have soared in popularity in the current era, pertaining to its exceptional benefits.

These conditioning products are simple and go-to hair care products that are a must-have for anyone. So let's begin our little chit-chat about masks!

What is a Hair Mask?

A hair mask is all about providing your hair with intense treatment. Masks are more concentrated solutions compared to conditioners providing your hair with immense nutrients in a short time. Also, you need to leave the mask in your hair for a longer duration so powerful ingredients can penetrate and nurture the hair.

One good news—You can apply your hair mask and binge-watch Netflix shows! Rest assured, it will do the work for you!

In this blog, we will teach you all the tricks and hacks you need to apply a hair mask at home!

How to Apply Hair Mask At Home? A Step by Step Guide!

Let's begin our roller coaster ride to understand this remarkable hair pampering practice at home.

1- Wash Your Hair

You can begin your at-home self-care masking routine by washing your hair thoroughly. A squeaky clean scalp will ensure that the mask nurtures your strands thoroughly. Washing helps the mask soak through your strands more efficiently.

girl using Botanic Hearth Apple cider vinegar shampoo

Also, go for a clarifying shampoo like Botanic Hearth Apple Cider Shampoo.

If you have dry hair, then follow with a conditioner as usual. However, if not, you can simply let the hair mask give your hair an extra dose of hydration. 

2-Dry Your Hair with A Gentle Cloth

Now dry your tresses with an old T-shirt or a gentle towel to soak up all the moisture! 

girl drying hair with a gentle cloth or towel

However, let the hair stay damp and don't completely dry it out.

Masks work betteWash Your Hairr with damp hair. Neither dry nor soaking wet hair will do the trick.

3-Divide & Conquer Your Strands

So, As it's said, Divide and conquer! Sectioning your hair will help you apply the mask more effectively while creating less of a mess. This will also help all your length benefit from the mask!

Section your hair into two or three layers with the help of clips and generously apply the mask to each section for incredible results.

4-Apply Your Favorite Mask

Now, for the show stopper of our blog,

Hair mask!  How do you apply it effectively? 

Well, focus on the mid-length of the hair and massage the product into your strands while moving in a downward motion.

Start by using a small amount of product and add more if it does not cover the entire stretch of your hair.

girl wrapping her hair with a towel

5-Wrap Your Hair

Now, the must-do step in our step-by-step guide is this one! Most people tend to skip this step but wrapping your hand in a hot towel or T-shirt can enhance the action of your hair mask!

So, don't miss this step at all.

6-Now, Wait & Chill

Now is your time to Netflix and chill. Wait out and let your magic mask do its work. It doesn't hurt to leave a mask for longer than the label. You can let your mask stay in your hair for anywhere between 10 to 20 mins! While you can get over with your favorite episode.

7-Rinse Away

Once you have finished waiting, you can rinse away! Remember to rinse thoroughly, so no residue remains. Hair masks have a rich formula and, if not washed properly, can leave the hair feeling heavy and greasy.

argan oil hair mask for dry and damaged hair

How to Choose the Hair Mask Perfect for Your Tresses?

Choosing a suitable hair mask for your tresses is very important. You can never go wrong with a good hair mask if you know exactly what your hair needs! We have made your job easier by suggesting some options for your hair type. 

1-Dry & Damaged Hair

Dry and damaged hair needs more attention. This type of hair needs intense moisturization. It would be best to have an intense treatment mask like Botanic Hearth Argan Oil Mask with Keratin and Vitamin E. This mask hydrates over-processed, dry, and damaged hair. It helps to seal in moisture to fortify your hair. 

2-Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair happens when your hair lacks moisture and tries to absorb moisture from the air. To have smooth and silky hair, you need a mask with a replenishing formula like Botanic Hearth Tea Tree Oil Mask. This mask has a deep conditioning formula to restore the lost shine and resilience. It 

tea tree oil hair mask for frizzy hair

It contains ingredients like Soy Protein, Vitamin E, Collagen, Keratin & Coconut Oil to promote soft and smooth hair. This mask is also the best choice for curly hair.

3-Colored Hair

Dyeing and coloring practices can significantly damage your hair. You need to give special care to colored or bleached hair. We have the perfect mask. Botanic Hearth Purple Hair Mask is specially formulated for colored or silver hair. This fabulous hair mask protects hair color, keeping it from looking brassy or yellow while revitalizing hair.

So, get yourself a hair mask, and relax for a bit! You can grab more hair-related products at our store. Adios amigos!


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