How to Use a Body Scrub: A Step-by-step Guide

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How To Use A Body Scrub: A Step-By-Step Guide

We have so many blogs, brands, and products endorsing skincare as only facial care. However, somehow in this race of making our face look perfect, we forget to take care of our body. Our body also needs luxurious treatment and care. 

Beauty isn't about looking perfect or changing yourself; instead, it is becoming the most beautiful and ideal version of yourself without changing who you are and how you look. Taking care of your body as a whole is a significant step in becoming the most dazzling version of you.

Our body's skin is not as sensitive as our face, and you do not need to invest thousands of dollars in your body care routine. Incorporating a few healthy practices in your routine can bring a remarkable change in the way you look and feel.

One of the best practices for your routine is very popular. Yes! We are talking about Exfoliation. It won't be bragging if we say that this one practice can do wonders for your body care routine.

There are many methods to exfoliate, and you might have heard about standard practices like loofah and dry brushing. However, one product you can not skip in your body care routine should be none other than a suitable body scrub. There are many versions available in the market, including many natural and organic scrubs.

What is Body-Scrub?

Exfoliation is the practice of removing the buildup of dead cells from the skin. The exfoliant is basically of two types, chemical exfoliants and physical exfoliants. Body scrubs are physical exfoliants that, when rubbed against the skin, can help slough away dead cells and help your skin have a soft and supple finish. 

What is Body-Scrub? Botanic Hearth Tea Tree oil scrub

A body scrub is usually made from a coarse substance having a granular texture like sugar and/or salt mixed with generous quantities of an oily base. Some scrubs have a more rough texture as they contain only coarse particles. A higher-quality formula usually is made with finer particles that give you more youthful-looking skin without being abrasive and rough.

Incorporating a suitable body scrub like Botanic Hearth Tea Tree Oil Scrub can have numerous benefits for your skin. After scrubbing your body thoroughly, your skin becomes soft and absorbs nutrients more readily. If you apply anything on the skin after the scrub, it will be absorbed more promptly. Body exfoliation is a very healthy and beneficial step to add to your routine.

Many of you might be unaware of the correct routine to adopt when adding body scrub to your body care routine. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to scrub your body the right way. 

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Step-1 A Nice Long Shower

While you're at it, it's better to do a job perfectly. It will help if you start by taking a nice long shower and relax. 

The water should preferably be lukewarm because warm water helps to soften your skin and open the pores. This makes a lovely base for the body scrub to work on your skin, as it is easier to remove dead skin cells and dirt when the pores are open. However, be careful not to use hot water as this can cause the skin to dry out. 

Step-2- Scrub it Away

Once you're out of the shower, apply the scrub generously over your body. A suitable choice is Botanic Hearth's Himalayan Body scrub, as it hydrates and revitalizes the skin. It would help if you started by massaging in circular motions. Begin at your feet and move upwards towards your torso and your arms. 

The best way is to scrub in a gentle circular motion so that the scrub can effectively remove dirt and dead cells from the skin. Don't be too hasty with the application as this practice can take some time, but the results are worth the effort.

Step-3 Apply Gentle Pressure

While you scrub, pay some attention to the areas like elbows, knees, and ankles. Don't be rough but apply gentle pressure on these areas while you cleanse them. The skin in these areas is more coarse compared to the rest of the body. Also, it would be best if you repeat this motion once or twice over these areas. You can also lookup pressure points to help you relax while you massage your body.

How to Use a Body Scrub A Step-by-step Guide 2

Step-4 Rinse Off 

Rinse the scrub off; you can use lukewarm to cold water now that you're done with the scrubbing. Make sure you rinse thoroughly, and no particles or residue are left behind on the skin. This will leave your skin with a uniform glow and soft feel all over.

Step-5 Moisturising Is A Must

Once you're done rinsing the scrub, pat dry your skin with a towel, do not rub as it can irritate the skin. Apply your favorite nourishing body oil or lotion on the skin that is still damp. Choose the most hydrating product because anything you apply on your skin afterward will be absorbed more quickly. It will help seal moisture in your skin and will give a silky finish to it.  

Having this fantastic routine once or twice a week will make you feel more comfortable and in-tune with your body care routine. You will fall in love with the satin-smooth finish of your skin with this easy-to-follow and step-by-step guide. This regime will make you feel no less than a Victoria secret model. Skincare is a way of life that can help you feel fabulous from every angle. Invest in your skin; it’s one investment you won't regret.


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