How to Give Yourself a Face Massage


How to Give Yourself a Face Massage

Have you ever enjoyed that glow after a facial? Well, the secret of that dewy glow is a perfectly executed facial massage. If you dream of glowing, soft, and evergreen skin, then getting facial massage therapy can be your go-to beauty hack.

Face massage therapy is a miracle practice. It not only relieves facial tension; it also boosts the circulation of the face, helps your skin to wake up for a bright day ahead.

An unbelievable fact is that there are almost 300 pressure points on the face, and each one relates to a particular part of the body. It is said that facial massage can help impact nearly every organ. In addition to all this, facial massage helps promote healthy and beautiful skin and helps with puffiness and aging.

The therapeutic massage began thousands of years ago. Facial massage is the best way to rejuvenate your skin and relax your muscles. There are almost 43 muscles under our skin that are strong and have plenty of tension. However, these muscles lose this tone and tend to sag over time—giving skin the drooping appearance. This leads to fine lines and wrinkles in the future. So facial massage therapy can be the best way to delay this process a bit.

Facial massage from a professional spa or salon can do wonders for your skin; however, not everyone has the time to avail of this luxury now and then. Haku Nama tata—There is no worry! You can perform an almost professional facial massage at home by following these simple steps.

Clean Up!


You should start clean! Wash your hand thoroughly before the facial massage. Make sure you use some antibacterial soap or sanitizer afterward as facial skin is susceptible. The last thing you want is to transfer dirt and bacteria to your skin, leading to breakouts. Also, prep your face by cleaning any makeup or product, cleanse your face, and Viola! You're ready to start.

A Little Oil is the Trick

Massaging directly on dry skin can give you a rough sensation or feel like you're dragging your skin. Facial skin needs gentle care so, you can use a small amount of facial oil, lightweight moisturizer, or serum that can easily glide across your face. 

Take a tiny pump of product in your palm and warm the product in your hands before applying. A lubricating agent also ensures that your hands move smoothly across your face and nourishment reaches the skin's deepest layer. You can also use a light serum, Botanic Hearths Vitamin-C Serum, to provide nutrition and lubrication to the skin.

Apply Light Pressure

Apply Light Pressure

Be very gentle with your skin; do not try to be rough and hasty. Apply gentle pressure on your skin to move the muscles below the skin and not just the surface. The facial massage is supposed to uplift your muscles, so be gentle but firm. Don't go too hard on your skin and use deep stimulating motions. Moderation is the key here.

The Foreheads in Line


Start your face massage from the forehead; this is the region most famous for fine lines. Use your knuckles and smooth towards the perimeter of your face and massage against the lines to help smooth them. Use your index and middle fingers to move up and down from the hairline towards the eyebrows. Repeat this motion a few times. Now massage your temples to calm your nerves and dissolve any tension.

Around the Eyes 

Around the Eyes

The area around the eyes is the most sensitive, be extra gentle there. Move your fingers from your temples, around the eyes to the nasal bridge, now move towards the eyes brows and the lids, repeat this elliptical motion at least 4 to 5 times. Make sure to close the eyes while you do this; be careful that no product enters the eyes. This practice can help with puffiness and awaken the area.

Conquer the Cheek Bones

Conquer the Cheek Bones

Your cheekbones are beauty bones of the face—facial massage therapy can enhance the cheekbones. Place your knuckles and glide them across the cheek towards your ears and repeat this a couple of times. 

Move to the Sides

Massage the whole border of your face! Massage the sides of your face, move your hands gently along the borders. Now,  place your knuckles on your temples and move towards your chin and jawline. Repeat this entire motion at least five times.

Most Important: The Jaw

If you want a chiseled jawline, then pay special attention to the jaw. Place your knuckles on your chin such that the jawline lies between the knuckles and drag them across the whole jawline, moving towards the ear. Repeat this movement plenty of times to have a more defined jawline.

Sweep the Neck

The neck tends to age quicker, so an early botox should wait. Facial massage therapy can be your savior to help delay any signs of aging. Place the knuckles right under the chin and move towards the collarbone. Repeat this motion a few times.

Do It All Again!

Repeat all of the above steps to complete this exquisite facial massage at home. After you have repeated the steps pat on your skin and press your palms into your face and take deep breaths to relax.

The only way to get long-lasting results is to do facial massage therapy regularly. Facial massage should be performed at least two to three times per week for a relaxing and calming effect along with boosting your skin's health.


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