How to Embrace Your Natural Hair & Enhance their Beauty

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How to Embrace Your Natural Hair & Enhance their Beauty

“Embrace Yourself” is a phrase that we may have heard many times. Yet we dont understand the true meaning of accepting oneself and keep following the trends and fads just to fit in. What if you are not born to settle but to stand out? There is beauty in your uniqueness, and you must appreciate it. Let's begin “self-love” by embracing our natural hair

It may be silky straight, unruly curls, kinky coils, or flyaway wavesyour hair is your prized possession. You alter the texture and shape of your tresses to conform to mainstream beauty standards and dull their shine and vitality. Instead, give some extra love, care, and attention to your natural hair and uncover its unique charm and glory you had overlooked for so long. 

style and manage curly hair with styling hair gel keratin

Not sure how to do that? Let us guide you:

Find Out Your Curl Pattern

Your curl pattern is identified by the follicles’ shape as they grow out of the scalp. The more flat and oval your follicle is, the more curly your hair will get. On the flip side, the circular and random shape of the follicles gives you straight hair. The curl pattern is also determined by the shape of strands the follicles make when they grow a certain length, they may curve into kinks, coils, waves, or spirals.

The curl patterns have four basic categories: 

  • Type 1: Straight
  • Type 2: Wavy
  • Type 3: Curly
  • Type 4: Coily

It is essential to understand the curl pattern to know how to style, take care, protect from hostile weather conditions, and select the right kind of products for improved shine and softness.

How To Embrace Naturally Straight Hair

To maintain the gloss of straight tresses, you must find the right balance of products that control excess oils and keep them frizz-free at the same time.

Step#1 Cleanse

Straight hair is more susceptible to excess oil, dirt buildup, and moisture imbalance. It can get flat and limp with overproduction of natural oils and frizzy due to drying products and humidity. Because your hair has a dry and oily side, use a clarifying shampoo like Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo twice a week and a moisturizing shampoo like Argan Shampoo on other days. These products will effectively remove impurities and product residue while keeping your hair smooth and hydrated. 

apple cider vinegar shampoo

Step#2 Condition to Style

Choose a conditioner with a lightweight consistency to add extra volume and body to your hair without weighing it down. Leave-In Conditioner has been a fan favorite since it showed up on the haircare scene. It tames frizz, imparts shine, and gives your hair a sleek and smooth look while protecting against UV rays and environmental aggressors. 

How To Embrace Naturally Curly and Coily Hair

Curly and coily hair tends to be increasingly dry and frizzy because the natural oils produced by your scalp do not reach the entire length of the strands. 

Step#1 Cleanse and Condition

The key to maintaining the crowning beauty of your curls is improving the moisture retention to tackle dryness. You would win half the battle if you get a moisturizing, smoothing, softening shampoo formulated to cater to the needs of unkempt coils. 

Speaking of which, Biotin Shampoo and Vegan Collagen Conditioner Set fit the bill. The shampoo gently removes the dry and flaky patches from the scalp, leaving it feeling refreshed and relaxed. At the same time, this conditioner's nutrient and protein-packed formula enhances the elasticity and luster for a beautiful curl texture. 

Curly and Coily Cleanse and Condition

Step#2 Style and Manage

Managing the curls can be exhausting, but nothing can beat the sheer delight of finally sculpting them into a bouncy and glistening hairdo. Styling Hair Gel With Keratin Protein can be your best friend to tame and define your tresses. This non-flaky, lasting, and lightweight formula provides you firm hold and a smooth finish, and it doesn't make your hair look stiff or sticky. Also lovely, this gel is paraben and sulfate-free. 

How To Embrace Your Naturally Wavy Hair

Wavy hair can be silky or coarse, thick or thin, are mostly easier to comb, sculpt, and manage. 

style and define with biotin argan oil

Step#1 Cleanse and Condition

A volumizing and hydrating duo such as Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner works like a charm on wavy hair. This fan-favorite haircare set from Botanic Hearth soothes dry and itchy scalp and boughs away dead cells, encouraging clean and silky smooth hair. It uses coconut oil, argan oil, castor oil, keratin protein, vitamin B5 and several other beneficial ingredients. With regular use, you will notice an improvement in the feel and condition of your hair. 

Step#2 Style and Define

To straighten and mold your hair into any look with heating tools, apply Biotin Argan Oil Thermal Shield. This heat protectant spray has a series of conditioning and moisturizing agents that tame frizz and give you the liberty to try out any hairstyle without damaging your strands. Its nutrient-rich formula provides luxurious luster, visible volume, and sleek definition to rough and dull hair. 

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