How To Apply Eye Cream Like A Pro: 6 Tips

6 Tips for Applying your Eye Cream Like a Pro!

How To Apply Eye Cream Like A Pro: 6 Tips

Many skincare enthusiasts make eye cream applications seem like a piece of cake. Well, indeed, it's not as simple as it looks. The under-eye area of skin is sensitive and can be easily affected with the wrong skincare practices. 

So, knowing "How to apply eye cream properly" is a crucial step for your skincare regime to keep you looking youthful and fresh.  

We have devised an easy-to-follow guide on how to apply your eye cream like a pro! Let's dive in without further ado.

6 Tips for Applying your Eye Cream Like a Pro!

Skincare is all about knowing the hows, when, and whats about the skincare products you choose. We have made your job easy by listing down everything you need to know about eye cream applications. 

1-Choosing Your Eye Cream

Knowing which product to use from the many available in the market is the first step. Recognizing your skin and your routine, you can choose an eye cream that can provide you with the maximum benefits. 

Choosing Your Eye Cream

If you want to look refreshed and awake, choosing an eye cream with ingredients like vitamin C and caffeine is the best choice. If you have dark circles, choosing eye cream with brightening ingredients like niacinamide, alpha arbutin, and vitamin C will be beneficial. For fine lines and crow's feet, pick up creams with more natural and botanical extracts. 

Botanic Hearth Eye Cream for Dark circles and puffiness is a suitable option as it contains ceramides, retinol, peptides, and many plant extracts that gently moisturize the skin.

2-When to Apply

Many people complain that they see no results of eye cream application. Knowing when to start using cream and how to apply eye cream precisely really plays a role. 

When to Apply

If you are using an eye cream formulation that is more liquid, or eye serum, you should apply it directly to the skin before any skin products as it won't penetrate through a thick layer of moisturizer. 

However, if you're using a cream formulation like Botanic Hearth Eye Cream, you can apply it after your initial application of moisturizer. 

If you have a tinted eye cream, you can apply it after your makeup since it is more of a concealer hybrid.

3-Apply Pea-Sized Amount

This is a significant detail that most people tend to miss. We see a lot of people applying generous quantities of eye cream. This can lead to the trapping of products under the skin and produce small white bumps under the eyes.

Apply Pea-Sized Amount

So, always be careful to apply a pea-size amount of eye cream with your ring finger, under your eyes gently. Always remember, skincare is all about consistency and not quantity.

4-Tap Away Gently

The most awaited answer to the question, "How to apply eye cream?" is simple. 

Take a pea-sized amount on your ring finger and apply underneath your eyes with gentle taps. No, you don't need to rub and massage your under eyes at all. 

Your under-eye skin is sensitive, so be gentle with your application. You can also use an eye cream applicator after your eye cream for a gentle massage to improve the appearance of puffiness.

5-From the Under-Eye to the Brow Bone

Knowing your way around your eyes is also a crucial step in understanding how to apply eye serum and cream. You need to be careful not to overdo the application because too much product all-around can result in eye allergies if there is contact with the eye itself. Apply your eye cream under your eye in a semi-circle pattern to your brow bone. Not too above and not too below! Just the right location will give you better results with those pesky under-eye problems.

Let the eye cream Sink In

6-Let it Sink In

Now, Wait! Take a breath before dabbing more products onto your skin. Let the eye cream sink into your skin for best results. You shouldn't apply concealer or other products too soon. This can smear the product, which will lead to no benefits for your under the eye. Let the eye cream do its magic! Waiting for 30 seconds to a minute will be enough to do the trick.

These six protips are the holy grail about how to apply eye cream. To get all your favorite face care products and more tips and tricks about skincare, visit our store. There's more to know and more to learn for natural and radiant skin!


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