How to Add Moisture to Dull and Dry Hair: Best of Black Friday Sale

How to Add Moisture to Dull and Dry Hair: Best of Black Friday Sale

How to Add Moisture to Dull and Dry Hair: Best of Black Friday Sale

Do you have dull hair that lacks luster? Does your hair feel damaged and dry? Not to worry! 

It's not something you cannot fix! Your hair becomes dull, dry, and damaged because of excessive styling equipment, chemical products, and coloring techniques. However, one of the biggest reasons your hair can become lifeless and dry is improper hair hydration. What you need is an ultimate moisturization routine to add more texture to your hair—Making them look vibrant any day.

Here we have practical tips on how to add moisture to your hair! We have the perfect black Friday hair care tips for you.

Do you want to figure out how you treat dehydrated hair? Let's roll!

Top 5 Tips to Add Moisture to Dull & Dry Hair! 

A question that needs an immediate answer is How to moisturize your hair effectively without any hassle! 

Here are five effective tips to help you add more moisture to your hair this winter season. We have an array of natural hair products for blacks Friday sales!

Don't Over Wash!

Are you used to taking a shower every day? Well, maybe you should skip washing your hair and go for a body bath instead. Washing your hair every day can be a cleansing experience. However, it can also zap away enough moisture from your hair, leaving them looking dull, dry, and damaged. Give a close look at the texture of your hair to find an appropriate solution. 

You should use a shampoo from our Black Friday hair care deals every few days like Botanic hearth Biotin and Collagen Shampoo to quench your hair's hydration needs.

Go Slow on the Heating

It can be hard not to style your hair—but glam looks need some intense styling techniques! These intense styling techniques, excessive use of straighteners and curlers can not only cause damage to your hair but also rob your hair of its natural oils, giving you rough and dry strands. So, an easy way out will be to switch your styling methods to non-heating ones! Rollers, socks, anything that works for you. You can also use Botanic Hearth Corrective Blowout Serum to minimize damage.

Layer Your Conditioners 

You can't go wrong with a moisturizing conditioner for dry hair. One best way to moisturize dull hair is to Layer your conditioners. Use a simple hydrating conditioner like Botanic Hearth Rosemary and Mint Conditioner in the shower to moisturize and cleanse your hair. Botanic Hearth Leave-in Conditioner is a must before styling your hair for the day ahead, after the shower.

Also, apply a deep conditioning hair mask every week for enhanced results. You can use Botanic Hearth Argan Oil Hair Mask with intensely hydrating and deep penetrating abilities for hair.

keratin conditioner

Hot Oil Treatment

Want the perfect home remedy for dry hair? Simply apply a luscious hot oil treatment with your preferred ingredients like coconut, jojoba oil, or argan oil. You can also add nurturing essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, or rosemary for radiant and resilient hair. 

The appropriate home remedy for dry and damaged hair will be to apply your favorite hair oil combo and comb with a wide-tooth comb to avoid any breakage. You can also use our black Friday essential oils for this purpose. Cover your hair with a plastic cap and let it sit for a good 20-30 minutes. Rinse and shampoo afterward, follow with a nurturing conditioner like Botanic Hearth Keratin Conditioner for the perfect pampering routine for dry and dull hair.

get regular trims

Get Regular Trims

One thing that can help your hair look radiant is a clean look which can be achieved with regular trims. When you have dry hair, you can also develop even dryer split ends that can ruin the beauty of your hair. One way to avoid that will be by getting regular trims that last you a while!

This blog will help you understand why your hair is dry? While helping you find the ultimate trick for adding more moisture to your hair! For more ravishing hair products, check out our Haircare black Friday Sales. Avail amazing discounts this Black Friday! Adios! 


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