How Often Should We Wash Our Hair?

How Often Should We Wash Our Hair?

How Often Should We Wash Our Hair?

To shampoo or not to shampoo, that is the question!

Perhaps you shampoo your hair the moment it gets greasy. Or maybe you are one of those who shampoo when their scalp feels itchy and flaky. Or you could be among those who shampoo their hair religiously every day. If your shampoo routine works for you there is no need to change it. On the flip side, if your hair is getting dull, dry, and rough, then you must look into your shampoo routine ASAP. Because the fate of your hair wellness is at the hand of your shampoo. 

But before we decide on the exact schedule of washing the hair for us, let's learn how shampoos work and the factors that determine how frequent you should shampoo our hair:

What Is A Shampoo And How Often Should I Use It?

The shampoo is an emulsifier made with surfactants to clean the scalp. Similar to soaps, a shampoo removes excess oils, product residue, and dirt buildup, without stripping out essential moisture so much that it could make your hair dry and frizzy. 

However, if your shampoo has drying ingredients that are stripping off required moisture, particularly sebum oil,  your hair will get flaky, and dry, and your hair lifeless and flat. Sebum is our body’s natural oil that preserves moisture on the scalp and protects your hair from environmental elements. In other words, your hair needs a sufficient amount of sebum for manageability and luster. 

Overwashing your hair may contribute to dryness by drawing out the required sebum. In contrast, if you don't wash your hair the excess oils can clog the follicles and give rise to numerous hair issues. Therefore, a proper shampooing routine has to be set to maintain hair strength, shine, and resilience. 

As per experts, this is the general rule of thumb for using shampoo for different hair types:

  • Oily hair type can shampoo their hair daily.
  • Dry hair type can shampoo thrice a week.
  • Sensitive hair type can shampoo twice a week.
  • Coily and curly hair types can shampoo once a week.
  • Thin hair type can shampoo their hair daily.
  • Chemically-treated hair must opt for less washing

How To Know Your Hair Needs Washing

  • When your hair gets greasy
  • When you appear dirty and dull
  • When your scalp has noticeable buildup
  • When your scalp has visible flakes
  • When you feel scalp irritations and itchiness

PS: The people who exercise or sweat a lot must wash their hair daily or every other day depending on the condition of their scalp. Also, those living in a very humid place would require to wash their hair every day. 

biotin shampoo

How To Know Which Shampoo Suits Your Hair Type

The right shampoo for your hair type can make a ton of difference to the overall condition and wellness of your hair and scalp. It must target your scalp’s existing concerns and prevent further problems while encouraging visibly soft, smooth, and shiny strands. According to individual hair texture, here is the list of Botanic Hearth’s best shampoos carefully customized for you:

  • For Dry Hair Type: Biotin Shampoo With Collagen has moisturizing oils, nurturing nutrients, and gentle cleansers to give a fuller look and softest feel to each strand. Meanwhile, the gentle cleansers thoroughly purify the scalp, without eliminating natural oils.
  • For Oily Hair Type: Because Peppermint Shampoo uses three ultra-cleansers, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, and citric acid, it draws out excess oils, refreshing and rejuvenating the scalp. Whereas,  biotin, vitamins E, H, coconut oil, and glycerin in this formula are included to maintain the gloss and radiance of your hair. 
  • For Sensitive Hair Type: With a blend of balancing and restorative ingredients, Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo, is an ideal shampoo for relaxing itchy, irritated, and troubled scalp. It has apple cider vinegar to exfoliate and rejuvenate, coconut oil to hydrate, and vitamin E to shield against pollutants and free radicals. This shampoo is sulfate and paraben-free. 
  • For Normal Hair Type: The chief ingredient in Argan Shampoo is Moroccon Argan Oil known for its replenishing and antioxidant qualities. Other beneficial constituents in this shampoo are coconut oil, vitamin E, biotin, and avocado oil which keep the hair and scalp in tip-top condition. Since normal hair type has lesser hair problems and adequate moisture balance, using Argan Oil shampoo will preserve hair vitality and vibrancy.  

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Important: Always use a conditioner after washing your hair for maximum protection and hydration. Conditioners compensate for lost moisture that occurred during the cleansing process. Head to our haircare collection to select the conditioner most suitable for your hair type. 

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