Hair Styling Cream, Pomade & Gel: The Right Pick For You


Hair Styling Cream, Pomade & Gel: The Right Pick For You

Styling the hair is not less than an art. Creating a hairstyle that compliments your personality takes effort and essential decision-making. You can’t just pick any fancy-looking gel and slather it on your scalp for a dream look. 

The length, texture, density, and curl pattern of your hair determine the type of product required to give you desired style. Then finding the right set of ingredients in the styling products is another tedious endeavor. Also, knowing the right proportion, procedure, and precautions of applying products is highly beneficial for reaching your styling goals. 

We have elaborated which styling products are suitable for you and the proper order of using them to simplify things. Let’s help you meet your most stylish self yet:

Hair Pomade

Think of pomades as intensely hydrating, shine-enhancing, and fast-absorbing moisturizers for the hair. They provide a strong hold, ultimate shine, and natural look without leaving a greasy residue and clogging pores. Pomades are the best option for neat, sleek, combed, polished, and defined hairstyles. Typically, pomades contain beeswax, petroleum jelly, oils, and hydrating ingredients. Pomades have a thick constitution but they are easy to remove with shampoos. You can use pomades daily, but it is better to rinse them off before sleep. 

Which Hair Type Should Use It:

Those with thick, coarse, and curly hair can use pomades for better control and slick-back style. 

Product Option: 

High Shine Pomade Cream is a product that we recommend. It provides a matte finish, silky touch, and authentic look to your hair, keeping them in place for a long time. It’s paraben and sulfate-free. That said, you don’t have to worry about leaving your hair at the mercy of chemical-based pomades. This pomade has conditioning agents, natural oils, and soothing plant extracts that ensure scalp wellness. Tame that rough and flyaway hair and ace any style. 


How To Use

  • Apply to clean, damp hair
  • Take a generous amount and rub it in palms
  • Work through your hair, concentrating on roots
  • Define the style

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Hair Gel 

Hair gels are still the most widely used, sought-after, and reliable styling products there are. Whether you are after a wet-look, ultra slick-back style, taming frizz, keeping curly hair put in place, or a messy hairdo, gels provide a firm hold with little to no movement and precise effect. The main ingredients that you will find in gels are polymers, emulsifiers, water, and viscosity modifiers.  Hair gels last longer than anyother styling products. You shouldn’t use gels everyday because they can clog pores and increase hair breakage. 

Which Hair Type Should Use It:

All hair types can use hair gels, and it is the best option for short hairstyles.

Product Option: 

It is Styling Hair Gel with Keratin Protein that softens the strands, quickly absorbs, controls frizz, imparts shine, enhances manageability, allowing you to achieve the look you want. It uses a non-flaky and moisturizing formula to boost scalp vitality and wellbeing. Unlike other styling gels, this product is non-greasy and lightweight for better styling and haircare experience. You’ll also get the smoothing and strengthening benefits of keratin protein, glycerin, and vitamin E. It is without alcohol, paraben, and sulfates. 

Styling Hair Gel with Keratin Protein

How To Use

  • Apply to damp or dry hair
  • Mold hair into the desired style 

Hair Cream

For those of you who prefer simple, flexible, and natural looks, hair creams are an excellent styling choice for you. Hair creams are meant to groom, tame, and manage the hair by conditioning and smoothing the frizz and flyaway hair. They give extra volume, texture, and body, leaving your tresses looking silkier, shinier, and thicker. Generally, creams contain oils, amino acids, nutrients, beeswax, and petroleum jelly for a soft glow and matte finish. You can use hair creams every day, and they are easy to remove with water. 

Which Hair Type Should Use It:

Hair creams suit all hair types, including thinning, damaged, and fine hair. 

Product Option:

Get an effortlessly stylish look with Botanic Hearth Tea Tree Oil Hair Fiber Cream. This texturizing cream features a unique blend of essential oils to exfoliate the scalp, nurturing fiber for flexibility and volume, and natural moisturizers for a matte finish and soft touch. It provides an added strengthening and therapeutic benefit of castor oil to give your hair refreshment while you try out new styles. Also lovely, this product has plant-based and chemical-free ingredients that improve your hair resilience and scalp condition. 

How to Use

  • Take a small amount
  • Mix between your fingers to emulsify
  • Apply it from roots to tips
  • Style your hair as desired

It is time to leave you hair with your pick. Step outside with a renewed look and take the limelight. In case you are searching for safe, authentic, and nature-based products, visit our shop and upgrade your haircare routine. 


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