Hair Routine to Enhance the Beauty of Your Hair


Hair Routine to Enhance the Beauty of Your Hair

Everyone has different hair. That means everyone needs a tailored haircare routine that is specifically suiting to their hair needs. 

 Some hair hacks stay universal, though. There are certain aspects of a hair routine that, when done consistently, can impact the beauty of your hair. Lucky for you, Botanic Hearth has them all laid out for you! 

Get ready for the ultimate hair routine, designed to enhance the beauty of your hair. In just five simple steps, you can achieve your best version with gorgeous, gorgeous locks. 

5 Steps to Enhance the Beauty of Your Hair

1) Luke for Lukewarm Water 

    The first step to any successful hair routine is a good, old-fashioned shower. You can’t really do much to enhance beauty if the canvas is dirty to start with. So, hope in the shower and get the water running! 

    Make sure that the water is lukewarm, not too hot and not too cold. This ensures your hair will be manageable when it's dry, reducing chances of frizz and dryness. 

    Hot water damages the hair and increases the risk of breakage so it’s better to cool it down. This way,  your hair will be smooth and shiny when it's dry. That’s half the job done! 

    2) Love Your Hair Conditionally 

      Conditioner is a crucial part of any hair routine. It is the second step of this routine and you shouldn’t skip out on it. 

      Shampoo tends to dry out the hair so conditioner is essential to replenish the hair, giving it moisture. Conditioner should be left in the hair upto three minutes after the shampoo has been rinsed out. Rinse the conditioner with lukewarm water to improve manageability of the hair when wet and dry. 

      love your hair conditionally with keratin conditioner

      Botanic Hearth Keratin Conditioner is an excellent product for restoring lustre and providing moisture. Conditioner in the shower will have your hair looking shiny and soft. 

      3) The Right Towel Fit 

        After the shower, detangling knots in your hair is the next big challenge. Using a towel on your hair can create more tangles than you’d expect. This is why you should consider using microfiber towels to dry your hair. This material is gentler on the hair than just a regular towel, helping to reduce breakage. 

        the right towel fit

        Alternatively, you could always use a cotton shirt if you can’t get your hands on a microfiber towel. Raid your closet for the perfect fit. 

        4) Save Me Some Serum 

          Once the hair is dry, it needs something to calm it down. Taming your hair with a hair serum is a popular part of most hair routines. 

          Hair serum also protects the hair from external environmental elements that could potentially harm it. Adding a protective layer to the hair also improves shine. 

          Save Me Some Serum biotin hair serum

          Say goodbye to dull hair days with Botanic Hearth Biotin Hair Serum. This serum is designed to provide smoothness to the hair, making it more manageable. 

          5) Shield Me 

            It can be very tempting to style your hair with hot tools once it’s dry. Heat styling can make the hair look red carpet worthy, while slowly damaging it. 

            This is why it is imperative to protect the hair from heat using a heat protectant. Botanic Hearth Biotin Argan Oil Thermal Shield is a heat protectant spray that helps protect the hair. It has a myriad of fortifying properties that help restore shine and replenish dull hair. 

            Its lightweight formula gives a refined look, perfect to wear for any occasion! 

            These were 5 simple steps to enhance the beauty of your hair in the ultimate hair routine. Visit the Botanic Hearth store to browse our haircare range and create a routine just for you!


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