Enhance Your Everyday Hairstyle with Gel: The Keratin Range


Enhance Your Everyday Hairstyle with Gel: The Keratin Range

Do you sometimes wish you could have a  great hairstyle with excellent hold every single day without having to spend hours at the salon? That wish can finally come true with one secret ingredient: hair gel!

Contrary to popular belief, hair gel is one of the greatest assets of the hairstyling industry. There are several reasons for this, one of them being that it provides the longest hold for any hairstyle. So, if you’re looking to make a major hairstyle change, you’re going to need hair gel in your arsenal. 

Get ready to enhance your everyday hairstyle using hair gel in five different ways. Let’s get started! 

5 Ways to Enhance Your Hairstyles with the Keratin Range 

1) Keratin Shampoo 

When using gel regularly for your hairstyles, you need to ensure that the hair is being washed out thoroughly. For this, you need a powerful cleansing shampoo that also moisturizes and restores shine to the hair.

Botanic Hearth’s Keratin Shampoo is the perfect contender with its emollient properties. The shampoo softens the hair, making it appear replenished and rejuvenated after every wash. 

If you’re incorporating gel into your routine, make sure it is properly washed out of the hair once the hairstyle unravels. 


2) Keratin Conditioner 

Gel tends to harden over time after it has been applied to the hair. This is why it is essential to use a good conditioner to wash it out without any breakage to the hair. 

Botanic Hearth’s Keratin Conditioner seals in the moisture in the hair, fortifying it. This helps to reduce breakage from any elaborate hairstyle you may choose to do! 

3) Keratin Hair Mask

For your daily hairstyles to look on point every single time, you need to pay attention to the health of your hair. To take care of this, a weekly hair mask is essential.


Botanic Hearth’s Keratin Hair Mask contains a range of beneficial ingredients including biotin and coconut oil, which provide nourishment to the hair, making it appear fuller and thicker. 

You’re definitely going to want the voluminous look to set any hairstyle with gel. If the hair appears flat and thin, it will be more susceptible to grease from the gel. So, ‘mask on’ everyone! 

4) Keratin Hair Gel 

After you’ve successfully followed Botanic Hearth’s keratin haircare routine using a hair mask, shampoo, and conditioner, it’s time for the main event! 

For any hairstyle you choose to do, the gel must be applied at the very end. This is for when the hair is dry and ready. Tame your flyaways or any stray hair using the Styling Hair Gel with Keratin


The hair gel can also be applied to wet hair if you’re going for the wet hair look. Inspired by Kim Kardashian’s 2019 Met Gala appearance, the wet hair look is hair gel’s best friend. So if you’re looking to enhance your hairstyles this year, why not go all out and aim for the stars? 

5) Keratin Hair Spray 

Hairspray. The product, not the Broadway musical! Hairspray can help to enhance the appearance of any hairstyle, particularly when paired with hair gel. 

Botanic Hearth’s Keratin Hair Thickening Spray has a non-sticky formula that gives the hair the appearance of thickness and volume. After using products that soften the hair, such as the mask and conditioner, it would be smart to balance it out with a thickening spray to prevent the hair from looking flat. 


The hairspray will also help extend the gel's hold, helping your hairstyle last longer and look better. 

To enhance your hairstyles for the next event you go to and be a head-turner, visit the Botanic Hearth store to amp up your hair care game. What are you waiting for? 


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