Confused About Clean Beauty & Chemical safety? You’re Not Alone


Confused About Clean Beauty & Chemical Safety? You’re Not Alone

When we invest in skincare products, we expect them to “care” for our skin. From using a face wash to remove impurities, a serum to minimize pores, or moisturizers to soothe dryness, we want them to work.  But what if the products you are feeding your skin to are full of toxins and chemicals. Also, there is a possibility the formulas you have been slathering on your skin will cause long-term irreparable damage. 

Despite spending your hard-earned money and dedicating your valuable time, you are exposing your skin to harmful chemicals that may compromise its health and beauty. That’s when you decide to find clean and chemical-free skincare products to prevent yourself from the side effects of chemicals. However, are you really sure about the legitimacy of clean beauty products that are also safe?

Let us dive in and find out what these clean and chemical-free beauty products are all about?

What Is Clean and Chemical Safety In Beauty Care?

The clean and safe beauty revolution has taken the cosmetic industry by storm in the past few years. Many new brands and companies have emerged with the promise to provide skincare products with nature-based, authentic, and pure ingredients. 

The concept with clean beauty care is to avoid using chemicals in skincare products that may cause damage. As alternatives to chemicals, the ingredients used in clean beauty labels are “vegan,” “non-toxic,” “plant-based,” “organic,” and “non-synthetic.” This industry develops, sources, and processes safe ingredients to prevent damage to the planet and its inhabitants. 

With the commitment to quality, luxury, efficacy, and health, the clean beauty industry avoids FDA-banned 11 ingredients and EU-banned 1,000 ingredients that are known to disrupt digestion, reproductive cycle, mood, hormones, and other functions. 

However, you should know that FDA is not regulating the beauty industry. Meaning you cant be sure of a brand's clean and chemical-free formulation claims unless you know the names of ingredients that are bad for you. 

Here is a brief list of ingredients that are harmful to your skin health: 

Ingredients You Should Avoid In Skincare Products



Paraben is a chemical preservative used in cosmetics to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and increase the shelf life of a product. Its constitution mimics the estrogen hormone in the body and leads to cause numerous health issues. Even a tiny amount of paraben in the product can have long-term side effects. 

Artificial Fragrances

Upon reading the “fragrances” name on the product, be assured the formula has a series of synthetics or natural chemicals that tend to harm your skin more than you could imagine. Since the exact names of fragrances are not disclosed, you will never be sure what kind of chemical you are applying to your skin. Therefore, avoiding them altogether is your best bet. 



A wide range of personal care products contains phthalates as a fixative. Whether in hair sprays for reducing stiffness, nail polishes for preventing cracking, fragrances for lasting effects, or soaps for flexibility, phthalates are everywhere chemicals. As per numerous researches, Phthalates cause congenital disabilities, hormonal issues, and kidney diseases. 



This preservative is tough to find in the ingredient list, but you should avoid it. Formaldehyde releasers prolong the shelf life and prevent the product from contamination. You will find this chemical with some other name in hair straighteners, lash glues, nail polishes, and nail polish removers. Common formaldehyde releasers are dioxane, quaternion, methylene, and DMDM hydantoin. 

Oxybenzone and Octinoxate

These two popular UV blockers have recently come under the safety radar. Most commercial sunscreens available in the drug stores actively use oxybenzone and octinoxate to increase the absorption rate and give a lightweight feel to the formula. In reality, these ingredients are harmful to you and the environment, and they are known to cause endocrine disruption, birth defects, and hormonal problems. 



We have been using hand sanitizers like crazy ever since the pandemic erupted, and little did we know about their effects on our skin and health. Without your knowledge, quite a few sanitizers contain a harmful chemical called triclosan. This harsh chemical is banned in many countries because it causes antibiotic-resistant bacteria and disrupts the endocrine system. 

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To conclude, by making careful choices, you will be saving your skin from many avoidable concerns and be able to preserve its youthfulness for a long time. Botanic Hearth formulates its skincare products using sustainable, safe, and nature-based ingredients with your skin’s health and clean beauty mission in mind. Our face washes, moisturizers, eye creams, serums, masks, and toners are made with paraben, sulfates, and other harsh chemicals. Your selfcare matters!


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