Combat Winter Hair Dryness with These Conditioners!


Combat Winter Hair Dryness with These Conditioners!

Let’s face it, no matter how much we miss the summertime bliss, we all secretly love the cozy and comfy days of winters. The winter season incites joy, happiness, and warmth in the ambiance. But the harshness of chilly winter weather is not good news for your beloved tresses. In winter, your hair has a general lack of lusciousness, smoothness, and shine. 

When the drop in temperature, dry air, indoor heating, and adverse extremes combine together, they make your hair vulnerable and weak. You have to look for ways to tackle frizziness, split ends, dullness, and scalp dryness. Worry not because there is a hair-nurturing and loving product calledThe Conditioner

Conditioners lock in the moisture, improve softness, impart shine, promote follicles’ strength, and ensure your locks remain hydrated and happy despite raw weather. 

We’ve put together a list of the most hydrating and soothing deep conditioners by Botanic Hearth to help you tackle hair blues this winter:

Best Hair Conditioners For Winter

Biotin Conditioner

This ultra-soothing Biotin Conditioner brings you the moisturizing and fortifying properties of biotin protein. It promotes vitality, vigor, and the visible volume of lifeless and stressed locks by improving their overall wellbeing. With the addition of collagen, soybean protein, keratin, and argan oil, this conditioner provides ultimate freshness and rejuvenation to the scalp. It suits all hair types, especially good for damaged, dry, and dehydrated hair. 


Argan Oil Conditioner

The core ingredient in this conditionerArgan Oilleaves your hair with a silky smooth feel and glossy look by replenishing the thirst. It tames frizz, flyaways, baby strands and gives a boost to the body and texture of dull hair. Also, rice extract, keratin protein, shea butter, and amino acids in this formula make sure your scalp stays in its finest state. This conditioner happens to be paraben and sulfate-free, so a good choice for the followers of clean and safe hair care. 

Keratin Conditioner

As you may already have guessed from the name, Keratin is the show-stealer in this conditioner. Naturally, keratin protein is a part of your hair’s constitution, and its primary function is to provide strength, smoothness, and softness. By incorporating keratin in your hair care routine through a conditioner, you sure can get visibly fuller, shinier, and softer strands. It is as simple as that. Plus, this formula works well for all hair types.


Peppermint Oil Conditioner

Talk about hydration, and the name of peppermint oil will come up. Originated from the cooling and refreshing mint leaves, peppermint oil is one big fat hydrating drink for parched hair. And when keratin protein, ginger extract, argan oil, coconut oil, and peppermint oil come together in a conditioner, your dream of getting lustrous, thick, and bouncy is not distant anymore. In addition, who wouldn’t like their hair to smell refreshingly clean all day long? That’s what Peppermint Oil Conditioner can give. 

Tea Tree Oil Conditioner

Tea tree oil is packed with purifying, cleansing, and therapeutic properties that support scalp revival and increased hair resilience. This conditioner is for those struggling with dryness, itchiness, irritations, and other similar hair care issues. You’ll also have the intensely hydrating benefits of aloe vera, exfoliating action of orange fruit extract, and softening effects of silk protein in this formula, working for the optimum wellness of your hair. 


Rosemary Mint Conditioner

This one is an all-time fan favorite, and why wouldn’t it be. A supremely-softening formula that contains rosemary oil, peppermint oil, glycerin, hydrolyzed collagen, silk proteins, aloe vera juice, and rice extract. It makes your hair look visibly glossier and thicker fuller by improving its vitality. Also nice to have is the rosemary-mint scent combo to calm your senses and delight your mood after each use. This gentle yet effective conditioner is safe for daily use of all hair types, including thinning and damaged hair. 

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Botanic Hearth hair care collection is carefully curated to deliver hydration, fortification, and freshness to lifeless, damaged and stressed hair. Visit our shop to find the best fit for your hair type.


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