Botanic Hearth Tea Tree Hand Soap: The Complete Profile

Botanic Hearth Tea Tree Hand Soap: The Complete Profile

Botanic Hearth Tea Tree Hand Soap: The Complete Profile

In recent years, liquid hand soaps have become increasingly popular in the personal hygiene industry despite being the latest discovery. Liquid hand soaps are a cost-effective, sustainable, and skin-nourishing alternative to traditional bar soaps. These soaps cleanse the hands without drying out the skin because of the high water content in their composition. In fact, liquid hand soaps have replaced traditional bar soaps in public places, shopping malls, offices, and hospitals. Liquid hand soaps with healthy and moisturizing ingredients are known to promote skin health and keep it clean and hygienic. Botanic Hearth's Tea Tree Hand Soap contains aloe vera leaf juice and a unique blend of essential oils that keep your skin clean, soft, and smooth. Here are some of its benefits: 

Cleanses the Skin with Tea Tree, Peppermint, and Spearmint Essential Oils 

Essential oils are liquid compounds extracted from different parts of plants and flowers. They contain the flavor (properties) and unique essence (aroma) of the plant or flower of their derivation. Many essential oils are known for their purifying and soothing properties. Botanic Hearth Tea Tree Hand Soap's major constituents are peppermint, tea tree, and spearmint essential oils. These oils are soothing for dry, irritated, and itchy skin. They contain purifying, therapeutic, and relaxing properties. Their cleansing attributes help purge out impurities, dirt, and excess oils from the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and clean. Moreover, these oils exude a refreshing and energizing scent that lasts on your skin for a long time.  


Promotes Skin's Suppleness with Coconut, Jojoba, and Camellia Seed Oils 

Mostly, our skincare routines are focused on maintaining the health of facial skin. We seem to forget that the skin on our hands needs pampering and care too because it is frequently exposed to environmental stressors and pollutants. In fact, the skin of our hands dries out and becomes prone to irritations more quickly with a shift in seasons, use of new hand soaps, and frequent handwashing. Moreover, the skin on our hands is thinner than our facial skin; it has fewer sebaceous glands which produce sebum. Sebum is our skin's natural oil that keeps the skin moisturized, healthy, and supple. That's why the skin on the back of our hands gets wrinkled earlier than our facial skin.

Hydrates the Skin with Aloe Vera  

Hydration is vital for healthy and younger-looking skin. Most traditional bar soaps contain harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and a high pH level that can cause dryness and sensitivity. In comparison, liquid soaps can be kinder to sensitive skin because of containing many hydrating and moisturizing ingredients. Botanic Hearth Tea Tree Hand Soap has aloe vera leaf juice that provides hydration and nourishment to the skin. It has antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that soothe dryness and improve the skin's look and feel.  Its antioxidant properties help protect the skin from harmful effects of UV rays, free radicals, and environmental stressors, keeping it healthy and fresh. In addition, aloe vera juice has exfoliating properties that draw out dead skin cells, leaving it looking bright and refreshed.  

Botanic Hearth Tea Tree, Oil Hand Soap's composition consists of coconut oil, aloe vera leaf juice, camellia seed oil, and jojoba oil. These ingredients provide hydration and moisturization to the skin, keeping it looking youthful and vibrant. Its hydrating ingredients penetrate the skin and soothe dryness, itchiness, and irritation, promoting smoother, clearer, and firmer skin.  

Supports Clearer-Looking Skin with Aloe Vera  

Healthy skin is an ultimate symbol of beauty, and with skin, we also mean the skin on the back of your hands. Just like we are attracted to clear facial skin, our hands are equally noticeable to others without our realization. Unbalanced, discolored, and rough skin on hands is among significant skincare concerns. Moreover, our hands' skin is frequently exposed to UV rays that lead to cause the appearance of dark spots and discoloration. For a clear and glowing hand's skin, routine exfoliation is essential. Botanic Hearth's Tea Tree Hand Soap contains aloe vera leaf juice which has exfoliating properties. It helps draw out dead skin cells from the skin and leaves it looking clearer and healthier. Furthermore, aloe vera does not dry out the skin while exfoliating but promotes water retention and improves skin's health. 


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