Benefits of Foot Massage — How to Do a Foot Massage?

Massage is the quickest way to relax the body and sore muscles. However, no other form of massage is as comforting as a foot massage. Especially if you put pressure on specific reflex points under your feet, it can send a positive impact to your entire body. Massaging reflex points under feet is called reflexology which has been around for hundreds of years. It is continually developing and progressing into an effective form of therapy for holistic care. It is known to release muscular tension, pain, and soreness, calm anxious feelings, and encourage a sense of wellbeing. There are many techniques to perform reflexology developed to boost the body's healing response.

A few of these techniques are explained below: 

To Unwind Your Mind and Promote Relaxation: 

Promote Relaxation
  • Sit on a chair in a comfortable position and place your right foot on the left thigh. 
  • Curl your toes in a way that depression develops just below the ball of your foot. 
  • Take a small amount of foot massage cream into your fingertips and start massaging the depression in your foot in a circular motion with your thumbs.   
  • Continue this procedure for 5-10 minutes. 
  • Repeat this procedure on your other foot. 

            To Ease Muscular Tension: 

            To Ease Muscular Tension
            • Take a few drops of foot massage cream into your hands and apply it on your entire foot for lubrication.  
            • Concentrate on pressure points in your arches.  
            • Using your thumbs, press reflex points from heel to toes. 
            • Continue this procedure for 5-10 minutes and repeat on your alternate foot. 

                    To Comfort Sore Muscles

                    To Comfort Sore Muscles
                    • Pour a small amount of foot massage cream into your hands.  
                    • Apply it onto your entire foot and start massaging it with your fingertips on toes, heels, and arches.  
                    • Press reflex points from heel to toes of your foot with thumbs of both hands.  
                    • Gently pull the toes back and forth with your hands to stretch your muscles. 
                    • Continue this procedure for 10-15 minutes and repeat on your other foot.