All Your Questions About Our New Keratin Range, Answered

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All Your Questions About Our New Keratin Range, Answered

Who doesn’t want healthy and strong hair with minimal effort? The question is not a matter of yes or no but a matter of how. How does one achieve luscious, radiant hair with the least amount of hassle and worry?

Botanic Hearth may have the solution to your hair woes in two words: Keratin Range. Our new keratin range is designed to help you see better hair days without having to juggle an insane haircare routine. 

Before Botanic Hearth introduces you to a step-by-step haircare routine using the new keratin range, you need to know the basics. For starters, what is keratin and what can it do for your hair? 

What is Keratin? 

Keratin has taken the haircare world by storm. It is a powerful protein that holds profound benefits for hair, skin, and nails. Keratin is primarily a protective protein that helps maintain the structure of hair, skin, and nail cells. 

Keratin is popularly known to strengthen the hair and restore it to its original shine. Using keratin products can help to rejuvenate the hair, making it smoother and softer to the touch. 

These properties of keratin make it the perfect ingredient for hair care products and Botanic Hearth’s new range of hair care products. 

Here’s how you can use our new range for the ultimate hair care routine, hassle-free and foolproof! 

Our New Keratin Range: The Ultimate Haircare Routine 

Step 1: Hair Mask 

Hair masks are an essential component of any haircare routine. They are formulated to replenish the hair, providing it with much-needed nourishment and care. 

Hair masks are typically used up to twice a week, depending on the health and length of your hair. For longer and healthier hair, two is the magic number for hair mask usage. 


Botanic Hearth’s Keratin Hair Mask is formulated with powerful and nourishing ingredients, including Biotin, which is another beneficial protein for hair. To use this mask effectively, wet the entire length of your hair. Then, take a handful of the hair mask and apply it all over your hair with your hands (gloves are optional). Leave the mask in your hair for 10-15 minutes, after which you can wash it out with the shampoo of your choice. 

Step 2: Shampoo

The shampoo is the most important step in any hair care routine. Shampoo cleanses the scalp and sets the tone for the hairstyle. A drying shampoo can make the hair frizzy and unmanageable, whereas a moisturizing one makes it shiny and soft. What you should aim for is a balance between smooth and voluminous. 


Keratin is known to have volumizing properties that make the hair visibly fuller and more bouncy. Botanic Hearth’s Keratin Shampoo stays true to these fundamental properties of keratin and makes the hair look visibly thicker and shinier after a wash. 

So, after the hair mask, you know which shampoo you should use for a great hair day! 

Step 3: Conditioner 

Conditioner is the make or break of any successful haircare routine. If the conditioner is too heavy, it can leave the hair looking flat and stringy. Your goal is for the hair to retain its volume as well as its softness and shine. 

Keratin Conditioner is perfect for helping you achieve this. It helps retain moisture in the hair, making it feel softer and look shinier after a wash. 

Apply the conditioner only to the ends of the hair and leave it in for about 5 minutes in the shower. Wash it out with cold or lukewarm water for a better look when dry. 

Step 4: Styling 

The Botanic Hearth Keratin Range gives you two styling options: Keratin Hair Gel and Keratin Hairspray

The gel can be applied on the hair, wet or dry, depending on your hairstyle. The Keratin Hair Gel is excellent for helping tame flyaways after the styling process is complete. It has a good hold which helps keep the hairstyle in place for longer. 

kerating hair styling gel

The Keratin Hairspray is perfect for spraying over your hairstyle once it is complete. It is a volumizing and thickening spray that gives the hair the appearance of fullness.

In just 4 easy steps, you can have great hair after every wash with Botanic Hearth’s new Keratin Range. Visit the Botanic Hearth store to shop the entire range now. 


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Hey Claire!

Yes definitely. Keratin shampoo and conditioner is safe to use on keratin treated hair. It improves the texture while making your hair look smooth, lustrous and glossy. Hope this helps! :)

Botanic Hearth Team

April 15, 2022 at 02:56am

Is the Keratin shampoo and conditioner good to use on keratin treated hair?

April 14, 2022 at 02:45am

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