7 Reasons to Add Vitamin E to Your Skincare and Haircare Routine

7 reasons to add vitamin e to your skincare and haircare routine

Add Vitamin E To Your Skincare and Haircare Routine: 7 Reasons 

We come across a myriad of ingredients in a quest for long luscious hair and radiantly smooth skin. But surprisingly, the unsung hero that always has our back is vitamin E. 

Vitamin E is the most commonly used ingredient in beauty care. It comes in 8 forms, but the kind used for skin and scalp is called tocopheryl. Chances are, you are already applying tocopheryl to your scalp and skin through some serum, moisturizer, or mask. It is known to enhance the skin’s resilience and vigor against pollutants while keeping it moisturized and supple. In haircare, vitamin E’s nurturing nature strengthens hair and adds shine and luster from roots to shaft. It is about time we give vitamin E its deserving place in the front row of our beauty care arsenal. 

7 reasons to add vitamin e to your skincare and haircare routine

Let us elaborate on the 7 reasons why you need to add vitamin E to your skincare and haircare routines:

  1. It Promotes Smooth and Soft Skin

If your skin is feeling rough and dry, chances are it might be dehydrated. Vitamin E is a profound source of moisturization. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that absorbs quickly into the skin’s outer layer providing intense hydration and nourishment. It calms dryness and rejuvenates the complexion, leaving the skin feeling smooth and fresh. 

  1. It Keeps the Skin Looking Young and Radiant

The appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagginess are the first signs of the skin’s aging process. As we are getting older, the natural production of our bodies’ essential proteins like collagen and elastic are decreasing. Collagen and elastin proteins are responsible for maintaining plump and firm skin texture. Vitamin E is one of those ingredients that are known to boost collagen production, enhancing skin’s firmness and youthful radiance. 

  1. It Is An Effective Antioxidant

You might have read about the importance of antioxidants in skincare and hair routines multiple times. It is duly emphasized because the harmful effects of free radicals on the skin and scalp are a real deal. Free radicals produced by air pollution, chemicals, and UV rays are independent molecules. They cause damage to anything that comes in the way, whether it is DNA, skin cells, membranes, or connective tissues. Vitamin E, as an antioxidant, promotes skin health while simultaneously protecting it against external aggressors.

  1. It is Great Addition to Your Eye Care Cream

Eyes reveal the truth about age, and because the skin around them is thin and delicate, wrinkles and fine lines are more apparent and visible there. Vitamin E’s deeply moisturizing impact helps smooth out and soften the surface and keeps the skin looking hydrated and refreshed. Moreover, its antioxidant and soothing properties reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, rejuvenating tired eyes. 

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  1. It Cleanses The Skin

Cleansing is the most vital part of the skincare routine. Without removing dirt and impurities, you can never get a glowing and clear complexion. Uncleansed skin is also home to various skin concerns such as acne, irritations, and itchiness. Vitamin E being an antioxidant and heavy emollient, serves as an incredible cleanser to draw out the buildup of excess oils and impurities from the skin surface. Just a few drops of vitamin in your facial cleanser should do the trick while giving your skin a smooth finish.

  1. It Promotes Shiny and Voluminous Hair

Vitamin E’s benefits go far way beyond enhancing the beauty of the face and complexion. Don’t deprive your scalp and hair of vitamin E nourishing benefits, and consider adding it to your haircare routines. Being an exceptional moisturizer, vitamin E locks in moisture on the scalp while restoring shine and vitality to dull hair. It provides you with silky smooth strands that look voluminous and shiny. Moreover, trust vitamin E’s antioxidant effect to purge out impurities, giving you a refreshed scalp and visibly healthy hair.

  1. It Promotes Hair Growth

Anyone who struggles with weak hair knows a healthy scalp means healthy hair. When the scalp is experiencing dryness, flakiness, irritations, or itchiness, it is impossible to nurture strong hair.  If you are facing a similar issue lately, then vitamin E can be a favorite ingredient for you. Its antioxidant properties contribute to revive the lost glory of hair and boost hair growth. At the same time, vitamin E’s conditioning properties soothe the troubled scalp leaving it feeling moisturized and nourished. 

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How To Use Vitamin E For Hair? 

It is simple, 

  • Add 2-3 drops of vitamin E from the capsule to your favorite carrier oil 
  • massage it to your scalp gently.
  • Leave vitamin E on hair overnight and then rinse with shampoo in the morning. 
  • Repeat this procedure once weekly. Or you can use vitamin E fortified shampoos, conditioners, and serums to supply vitamin E to your hair regularly.  

    How To Use Vitamin E For The Skin?

    All you need is to add 2-3 drops of vitamin E in 1 tablespoon of organic olive oil and apply it to your skin before bedtime. Or you can more conveniently use a moisturizer with vitamin E in it.  


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