6 Beauty Favorites: September 2021

beauty favourites September 2021 watermelon shampoo lavender body wash aloe vera gel

6 Beauty Favorites: September 2021

Everyone has that one product they can swear by for themselves. So, you all must have beauty favorites you adore!

Self-care is all about taking care of yourself, including your skin, hair, and body; this is why beauty products aren't something you can gamble on. So it would be best if you had products and beauty essentials that are reliable and provide effective results. 

We have arranged in one place six tried and true beauty bestsellers. Let's discover six essential beauty products every woman will love. 

6 Beauty Favorites This Season

You come across millions of beauty products; some are good, some are satisfactory, while others are extraordinary. Today we will talk about these stunning beauty obsessions for the month of September. 

1-Vitamin C

Unmistakably our facial skin needs the most attentive care. What you apply to your face dictates how your skin looks. So, without a doubt having products that suit your skin is essential for youthful and fresh-looking skin. 

vitamin c serum

Botanic Hearth Vitamin C is a bestseller this season. This amazing serum contains the stabilized form of vitamin c along with natural oils to give your skin a velvety smooth feel. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that nurtures and hydrates your skin. It also brightens a dull complexion. So, grab this holy grail of skincare for a squeaky clean look.

2- Watermelon Shampoo & Conditioner

Do you want long luscious hair? Who knew the secret lies in one of our summer favorites—Watermelons! 

This season we bring you a haircare set with one of the most unbelievably beneficial ingredients for your hair. 

watermelon shampoo and conditioner

Botanic Hearth Watermelon Shampoo and Conditioner are formulated with watermelon seed oil. This key ingredient moisturizes the scalp and leaves no residue in the hair. This light shampoo and conditioner set contains many beneficial ingredients like citrulline, which enhances hair resilience. So, it's time you give your hair a well-deserved treat with this bestseller combo.

3-Lavender Body Wash

A wishful evening with the intoxicating scent of lavender in your shower will—A vision to behold!

Lavender body wash

Botanic Hearth Lavender Body wash brings this spa-worthy experience to your doorstep. 

Our body deserves to be pampered once in a while with the best products possible. The lavender body wash contains a mesmerizing blend of botanical ingredients designed to soothe and moisturize the skin. The proprietary formula seamlessly dissolves tension during the shower relaxing your nerves and body altogether. This product is a must-have addition to your daily shower routine.

4-Himalayan Salt Body Scrub

Himalayan salt has become a sought-after ingredient in the last decade. This salt is especially rich in minerals and antioxidants that are highly beneficial for the skin.

himalayan body scrub

Botanic Hearth Himalayan Salt Body Scrub utilizes this ability of Himalayan pink salt while merging it with other power-packed ingredients like almond oil, lychee extract, and aloe vera juice. The nutrient-rich content of the scrub is ideal for exfoliating and hydrating the skin to reveal smooth skin underneath. 

5-Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel

Aloe vera gel can be coined as the most popular natural and organic skincare product known today! 

Aloe vera gel is a clear jelly-like substance derived from the leaves of the aloe vera plant. This natural product has a multitude of benefits for both skin and hair alike.

Aloe vera moisturizing gel

Botanic Hearth brings you 100% pure Aloe vera moisturizing gel enriched with vitamin C for an enhanced moisturizing and antioxidant effect. Botanic Hearth Aloe Vera Gel is made with cold-pressed certified organic aloe vera with no harmful colors or chemicals added. It exfoliates the skin and washes away impurities for deeply nurtured glowing skin.

6-Eyelash Growth Serum

Don't you love it when you bat your lashes to get what you want? Well, girls, for that trick to work, you need long luscious lashes in the first place. 

Lux3 eye lash serum

Well, we have the most wanted beauty favorite for you! Botanic Hearth Lux 3 Eyelash Growth Enhancer Serum contains vitamin E, Biotin, and glycerin to promote long beautiful lashes. This fantastic lash boost serum nurtures the follicles giving you more fuller and plumper lashes. So, no need for that heavy mascara when you have long lashes that stand out!

These six beauty favorites for this season are going to last you throughout the season. To venture through more of our organic beauty products! You can visit our store. BON Voyage!


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