5 Reasons to Choose a Facial Cleanser Made with Natural Ingredients


5 Reasons to Choose a Facial Cleanser Made with Natural Ingredients 

While it is super quick and easy to pick up a random facial cleanser from the shelf of your local grocery store, your face deserves better than that. Checking out the ingredients label on any of your personal care products should be your priority, especially if they contain potentially harmful and toxic chemical compounds. 

But why take that risk? Your skin should be nurtured with the tender loving care a mother gives to a child - being gentle is the key. Trust that chemical compounds are anything but gentle. Your safest bet for a daily skincare regimen is one that contains natural ingredients. 


Here are 5 reasons why you need to choose a facial cleanser with natural ingredients: 

5 Reasons Why You Need a Facial Cleanser with Natural Ingredients 

1. Sustainability

    Natural facial cleansers are far better for the environment than those crafted artificially from chemicals. Many cleansers contain plant-based ingredients such as aloe vera, lavender, argan seeds, and various nuts, which can be easily replanted over the years. Moreover, these types of ingredients, especially essential oils, are often obtained through steam distillation, which does not release any harmful substances into the environment. 


    Botanic Hearth’s Tea Tree and Mint Face Wash is curated from nature’s finest. It is incredibly gentle on the skin because it consists of primarily natural ingredients that do not take much industrial power to acquire. 

    2. Cruelty-Free 

      Your skincare cabinet says a lot about you. Facial cleansers that contain natural ingredients are more likely to be cruelty-free. Many skincare brands opt for natural ingredients take a hardline stance against animal testing and animal cruelty. By firmly incorporating only natural ingredients in your skincare regimen, you are actively standing against animal cruelty. So what does your cabinet say about you? 

      3. Maintains Skin Hydration 

        Natural ingredients tend to be better for the skin, especially if it is prone to dryness and acne. Ingredients that occur naturally are also more effective in promoting moisture retention in the skin as well as intensely hydrating dry skin.

        acnex-scar-wash-face-wash Botanic Hearth’s Acnex Scar Face Wash is made with healthy, beneficial, botanic ingredients that help reduce the appearance of acne. This facial cleanser also contains natural essential oils including peppermint essential oil and geranium essential oil. These essential oils are known for their moisturizing and hydrating properties. 

        4. Go Easy On Your Skin 

          Your skin, through the wise words of Adele, is screaming, “Go easy on me!” You need to find products that will be gentle on the skin and not strip the natural oils from the surface. Facial cleansers manufactured from artificial chemicals are often incredibly strong and can dry your skin out, damaging skin cells on the top layer. To help your skin stay young and fresh with minimal damage, natural ingredients in your facial cleanser is the key. 

          Try going easy on your skin. Maybe there is gold in these waters after all…

          5. Promote Clear Skin 

            Everyone dreams of clear skin. Everywhere we go, clear skin is the ultimate unachievable goal. But it doesn’t have to be impossible to get close to the skin texture of your dreams. Switch to natural ingredients in your facial cleanser to help yourself get closer to the perfect skin. 

            Usually, cleansers that contain chemicals can clog pores, causing acne breakouts. However, natural ingredients, especially essential oils, do not stay on the skin surface for long. They are not able to permeate the skin so you will not have to worry about your cleanser clogging your pores. 

            These were Botanic Hearth’s top 5 reasons to choose facial cleansers with natural ingredients. Visit the store to explore our entire range of skincare products and build your regimen now!


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