5 Haircare Products You Can't Go Wrong With!


5 Haircare Products You Can't Go Wrong With!

You’ve probably always been told that you really only need two haircare products for great hair: oil and shampoo.

While these haircare products are shower essentials, there’s more to haircare than a simple wash and go. 

Nowadays, store shelves are teeming with all kinds of haircare products. The overflow of haircare products can be incredibly difficult to filter on your own. Have no fear because Botanic Hearth has got you covered! Here are top 5 haircare products you can’t go wrong with. Keep your eyes peeled for these products next time you’re out to shop! 

Top 5 Haircare Products  

1) Hair Mask 

You already know about masks for the face but for hair? 

There’s a myth in the haircare world that hair masks can be extremely drying for the hair. If you’re not careful, this myth may turn into fact. 

tea tree oil hair mask

This is why you need to search for a hair mask that intensely hydrates and revitalizes your dry hair. Botanic Hearth’s Tea Tree Hair Mask is a deep conditioning mask formulated to restore lustre to the hair. 

Apply a hair mask once a week before a wash for shiny and perfectly moisturized locks! 

2) Hair Serum 

Ever wished for your frizz to go away and never come back? Who hasn’t! 

Of course, while frizz cannot be gone forever, there is a certain haircare product you can use to tame it. Hair serums work wonders for helping to control wild flyaways, frizz and dullness. 


After styling, hair serum also helps to protect your hair and the style. Botanic Hearth Biotin Hair Serum improves the manageability of the hair while simultaneously nourishing the hair. Infused with Pro-Vitamin B5, this hair serum restores essential shine and radiance to the hair. 

Still thinking about it? 

3) Hair Pomade 

At every special occasion, you want every part of your look to be perfect: skin, makeup and hair. Just like you apply setting spray on your layer of makeup, you need something that will keep your hair in place. 

The days of hairspray are far behind us. No more crunchy and sticky hair when you have hair pomade coming to the rescue. 

Botanic Hearth’s High Shine Pomade provides a smooth and silky finish, keeping your hairstyle in place. Not to mention, it’s far better for the environment as opposed to aerosol-filled hairspray cans. That’s always a plus when searching for products, haircare or otherwise! 

4) Leave-In Conditioner 

You must already use a conditioner in the shower regularly. A leave-in conditioner is not quite the same. The main difference is you can quite literally leave it in your hair! 

Typically applied to wet hair after a wash, leave-in conditioner adds volume and vitality to dry , dull and damaged hair. 


Botanic Hearth’s Leave In Conditioner is formulated to protect the hair against UV radiation, helping to reduce sun damage. This formula is incredibly lightweight and doesn’t weigh the hair down or make it greasy. 

Applying a dime-sized amount is more than enough for daily use. Rake it through your wet hair and watch its manageability improve! 

5) Detangler 

Perhaps the most underrated haircare product in the haircare world is the detangler. A detangler is not just any ordinary brush but one designed to help you get rid of those tricky knots. 

A detangler is essential for maintaining the health as well as the length of the hair. 

Detanglers are typically used fresh out of the shower and also before bedtime. A good detangler can cut down your styling time greatly if you use it efficiently. So save time and detangle stress- and pain-free! 

These were Botanic Hearth’s top 5 haircare products you can’t go wrong with. Visit the store to explore the entire range of haircare! 


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