5 Hacks to Humidity-Proof Your Hair

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5 Hacks to Humidity-Proof Your Hair

It is that time of the year when everyone will channel their inner professional photographer and leave no chance to express their love for the rain. While deep within we all regret the heavy showers that come along with the penalty of humidity. The fact is, no matter how much hard you try sculpting your hair into a polished look, humidity is going to ruin all your styling plans. In humid weather, the high moisture levels prompt your hair want to quench its thirst, causing it to rise, get frizzy, and fly away in every direction. 

Well, the good news is you can enjoy the rainy season without dreading the not-so-great-hair-days coming ahead with humidity. You can have humidity-proof hair with a few adjustments and additions to your hair routine. Let us explain how:

The Best 5 Hacks To Humidity-Proof Hair 

1. Use Moisturizing Shampoo

Moisturization is the key to keeping your beloved tresses in their best condition all year round. Typically, hair dehydration and dryness begin with the use of unsuitable shower essentials. The shampoo you choose pretty much decides the overall radiance and resilience of your hairif it strips off the natural oils, there is no way you can save your hair from humidity. 

keratin moisturizing shampoo

For hair that lacks volume and vitality, Keratin Shampoo can prove to be a replenishing treat. It uses keratin protein, argan oil, collagen, biotin, green tea tree extract, along with vitamin A. These natural moisturizers provide lifeless hair with extra body and luster, leaving it visibly silky smooth. It is an excellent hair cleanser for all hair types, including dry hair. 

2. Use A Leave-In Conditioner

Humidity is the ultimate arch-enemy to smooth hair. It can lead to several hair issues such as hair fall, itchiness, flaky scalp, and the most dreadful onefrizz. Although frizz doesn't look the same on all your hair types, it makes thin hair limp and flat, curly hair increasingly dry, and oily hair dull. But all hair types can give a tough fight to frizz with a restorative conditioner. 

Use Leave-In Conditioner to introduce your hair to its lost shine and strength again. This lightweight formula by Botanic Hearth contains softening and balancing ingredients to fortify your hair against humidity, pollution, and UV rays. It provides each strand with a protective layer to preserve the smoothness and style for long hours without weighing your hair down. Also, you can use this conditioner to maintain shape, manageability, and definition.

3. Use A Heat-Protectant Spray

The heat from the styling tools is never the healthiest factor for your hair. It disrupts and damages the protein structure on the hair shaft that shields against external aggressors. In humid weather, heat can be catastrophic for the already moisture-deprived hair. To avoid the drying effects of heating tools, use a thermal shield for maximum protection. 

Biotin Argan Oil Thermal Shield has a featherweight formula enriched with nutrients and natural moisturizers that deliver luxurious luster to dull and damaged hair. This thermal shield ensures complete coverage as it hydrates and softens the hair for humidity control. Apply it to damp hair before using a blow dryer and to dry hair before styling tools. This is a paraben-free product for all hair types. 

4. Pamper Your Hair With A Nurturing Mask

Between drying effects of products, excess heat from frequent styling, to humid weather, it is no surprise that your hair gets weak, rough, and dull. One of the most effective way to transform parched and frizzy hair into glossy and smooth strands is a nurturing hair mask. A hair mask can bring life back to stressed hair with a combination of proteins, vitamins, oils, and humectants.

keratin smoothing hair mask

Keratin Smoothing Hair Mask is an undisputed savior for frizzy and lifeless hair. It has coconut oil, keratin, and collagen, the three intense moisturizers that strengthen the roots and soften the lengths. It is a paraben and sulfate-free mask, so you don't have to worry about chemicals and can use it regularly for better results. Its restorative formula will make your hair look refreshed and rejuvenated even during humid months. 

5. Seal The Moisture With Serum

Like skin serums, hair serum is a lightweight but concentrated amalgamation of nutrients, oils, and beneficial active components that address hair issues. It gives a boost of hydration to dry roots while providing hold and finesse to the lengths for styling. Think of it as a nurturing styling product that controls the effects of humidity and frizz as it adds shine and softness. 

caviar hair drops

Caviar Hair Drops is an amazing hair treatment and serum that works for all hair types, gentle enough for daily use. It is formulated with caviar extract, vitamin E, rosehip oil, and keratin protein that improve hair wellness inside out. Just place a few drops in your hands and apply them to entire lengths for a supremely smooth finish. 

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Botanic Hearth brings you nature-based products for all hair types. We ensure you get the purest benefits of botanicals, oils, and nutrient-dense ingredients for long, luscious hair.


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