4 Haircare Resolutions to Make just Before Winters

4 Haircare Resolutions to Make just Before Winters

Winter is here, and as the fall ends, so is our easy-going hair care routines! 

Winter has its perks; warm coffee, cozy blanket, cool air, midnight bonfires all remind you of the chilly season, but what about dry hair, itchy scalps, matted hair, split ends, and hair static? These are a few hair problems that winter brings with it. 

This winter, we bring you 4 Winter hair care resolutions you can make to avoid these troubling winter problems. These four resolutions can take you along a hassle-free hair journey this winter so you can enjoy the chilly season at its best without worrying about your hair. 

4 Ultimate Hair Care Resolutions to Make this Winter

Do you want to preserve shiny, silky smooth hair this winter? Well, surely you want to! 

Here are four ultimate resolutions to make before the winter strike to keep your beautiful hair last you all through the winter.

    1. Chill on the Heat Appliances

    Winter already makes your hair dry and dehydrated. Your hair might feel dry, brittle and may start looking straw-like when extreme winter sets in. So, one thing you can do to aid your hair is going slow on your styling tools. These tools use excessive heat to straighten or curl your hair, which can further dry up your hair. This can damage your hair excessively, and your hair ends might look like straw till the end of winter. 

    In case styling is still needed, then you can use Botanic Hearth Caviar Corrective Blow Out treatment; it is a heat-activated and anti-frizz treatment to soothe and nurture damaged hair. 

    Also, you should prefer warm or room temperature water for your hair because hot water can cause damage to your tresses.

    biotin shampoo

      1. Adopt a Super Moisturizing Regime

    Since you know that the dry winters can dry out your hair, you need to adopt a regime enriched with nutrients and moisture to keep your hair conditioned and enhanced all along.

    The chilly air can also dry out your scalp, causing your scalp to feel itchy.

    you can counter this by using products that hydrate your scalp and nurture your tresses to the roots. 

    Botanic Hearth Vegan Collagen and Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner Set is a bundle with a gentle moisturizing ability to help lackluster hair restore its shine. It also hydrates rough, damaged hair while nurturing the scalp. You can also use a deep conditioner like Botanic Hearth Keratin Conditioner that contains argan oil, rice, and soy protein to add moisture to dry and dull hair.


      1. Leave in Conditioner

    Another problem in winter can be static hair, also known as 'Electric hair.' When the air temperature drops, the hair can pick up an electrical charge from the dry winter air. This causes the hair to become static and stand up. One way to combat it is to keep more moisture in the air and use more hydrating products.

    Leave-in conditioners provide your hair with deep moisturizing therapy, keeping them soft, supple, and less likely to become static. Botanic Hearth Leave-In Conditioner formulated with lemongrass and aloe vera is the perfect product to moisturize your hair this winter. 

    You can also use a moisturizing make like Botanic Hearth Argan Oil Mask to add an extra nurturing effect to your hair this winter.

      1. Get Your Split Ends Trimmed Every Month

    Cold temperatures can make your hair dry and damaged. The excessive use of styling equipment paired with dry winters can give you plenty of those pesky split ends.

    You can simply avoid them by adding hydrating products along with getting a trip every month to make your hair look radiant and neat altogether!

    Also, use a detangling comb, and prefer sleeping on a satin pillowcase these winters to minimize damage to your hair.

    These four resolutions will prove to be a lifesaver for your hair and scalp this winter. For more exclusive hair care products, visit our store. Now, welcome the winters without worrying about your hair!


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