10 Skincare Facts Everyone Should Know

10 Skincare facts botanic hearth

10 Skincare Facts Everyone Should Know

The journey to get healthy skin is not simple. Skincare can get confusing as it does not come with a defined manual. One day your skin feels all smooth and fresh, and the next day a pimple appears out of nowhere. Not to mention the agony blemishes and scars cause to our dream of luminous-looking-skin. 

We all know the basics of skincare are to stay hydrated, get 8 hours of sleep, and keep the skin clean. When these steps don't suffice, and you still face skin issues, you are bound to question what’s going wrong. Maybe it's not your skin. Perhaps, it's what you are doing to your skin that is the real reason for all concerns. 

We have put together 10 important skincare facts that will help you preserve healthy skin:

1- Not Every Cleanser Suits You

We think by using a cleanser, we are doing a huge favor to our skin. No, you aren't, and not every fancy-looking cleanser works for your skin. Be assured that an unsuitable cleanser can do massive damage to your skin. A cleanser for oily skin is not for dry skin. Similarly, a cleanser for acne-prone skin is not for sensitive skin. The right cleansers for your skin types can be:

  • Dry Skin: Oil-based or milky cleanser
  • Oily or Acne-prone Skin: Exfoliating face wash or foaming gel cleanser
  • Sensitive Skin: Cream cleansers

2- Moisturizers Are Your Friend

Your skin needs moisturization, no matter what is your skin type. At times even the smooth and soft skin of children can feel dry. Regularly moisturizing keeps your skin firm, plump, and hydrated. It also helps combat premature aging signs, preserves the youthful glow, and encourages elastic skin. And yes, oily skin also needs moisturization, but moderation is the key! 

3- Less is More

Overthinking leads us to many problems, including tricking us into buying unneeded products. Not all tips are right for your skin, and certainly not all products. The lesser products you use on your skin, the better.

Layering up your skin with multiple ingredients will suffocate it. It could cause clogged pores, breakouts, irritation, and skin sensitivity. To avoid regretting it later, better keep your skincare routine as minimal and simple as possible. 

4- Shield Against Sun

All the summer-loving we give to our skin comes with a price, and it's not the tanned look. Unprotected and extended sun exposure can accelerate skin's aging process. It can disrupt your skin's moisture barrier, cause acne breakouts, roughness, and make your complexion discolored. Yes, the sun gives you vitamin D but takes away the youthful radiance of your skin. Wear sunscreen when you go out, even if it is cloudy outside. 

5- Your Face Doesn't Need Your Gentle Touch

We have an inexplicable habit of touching our faces, and it needs to stop. You touch your skin to feel if it is OK, which ends up making it not OK. You are unintentionally bringing bacteria, dirt, and impurities to your face that will reveal their effects later. Remember when you touched a pimple in your face, and the next thing, you had two more giant pimples. It was because of your touching. It is just like spreading viruses, and we know how it goes, don't we? 

6- Welcome Exfoliation to Your Routine

Words like a scrub and exfoliate do seem a little intimidating for the skin. Do we need to rub our skin with a granule substance? The answer is yes, you do. Unshed dead skin cells make it look uneven and discolored. Every 21-22 days, your skin naturally sheds old skin cells and replaces them with new ones. 

As we get older, the natural exfoliating process becomes slower, resulting in irregular removal of old skin cells. Dead skin causes clogged pores, breakouts, irritations, and rough skin. You need to slough away old cells from your skin to let it feel fresh and healthy. Exfoliation will also increase the efficacy of cleansers, moisturizers, and serums that otherwise don't penetrate your skin through dead cells.

7- Include Vitamins in Your Skin Diet

Nourish your skin to nurture your skin. A healthy diet gives you a healthy body, and the same rule works for your skin. You probably would have been taking nutrients and vitamins in your diet, but a tiny portion of it reaches your skin. Your body consumes most of your daily nutrition intake for its healthy function. 

Your skin encounters free radicals, pollutants, UV rays, and impurities every day, which are disturbing its health without your realization. Vitamins with high antioxidant content maintain the resilience of your skin against external aggressors. You can give your skin vitamins through serums like Botanic Hearth Vitamin C Serum with an advanced anti-aging formula. It contains natural oils, vitamin C, E, and aloe vera that promote young and rejuvenated skin. 

8- Your Eyes Reveal Your Age Secrets

The eyes tell the truth – at least about your age. The delicate skin around the eyes is thin and gets thinner as we age. It is first to show aging signs like wrinkles, crow's feet, fine lines, baggy eyes, and dark circles. 

Lucky for us, the cosmaceutical brands are coming up with so many innovative formulas that help encourage skin firmness and elasticity. One such formula is Botanic Hearth's Firming and Wrinkle Eye Cream. It could be a perfect addition to your skin regimen as it has pure ingredients. It contains organic aloe, coconut oil, cocoa butter, rosehip oil, vitamins B5 and E. These ingredients not only sound healthy but are incredibly beneficial for your skin. 

9- Natural Products Are Legit Good for Your Skin

Natural products are the newest trend in the skincare domain, but they are much more than just a trend. They are a healthier choice for skincare. They are made of no chemicals, which means no irritations and side effects. In a larger context, natural products are good and safe for you and those around you.

10- Clean Your Makeup Brushes Regularly

The beauty tools are to beautify your skin, not to harm its health. Makeup brushes and other tools hold onto impurities and oils present on the skin's surface. Without knowing, you bring back these impurities and bacteria to your skin again from previous use. Not only would dirty brushes make your application spotty, but they also cause clogged pores. Since you use brushes on the face, it is better to clean them regularly.

Count On Yourself for Your Skin Health/ Your Skin's Health Depends On You/ Your Skin Is Counting on You/ Take Charge of Your Skin's Health

Everyone has a different skin type with its unique concerns. Chances are,  if a skincare tip that worked for you might not work for someone else. Understanding your skin's needs and addressing them with the right choices is a perfect balance. It is your skin, and you must know what’s best for it. 


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