At home DIY spa for mother's day

At home DIY spa for mother's day - 2021 - Botanic Hearth®

At Home DIY Spa For Mother's Day

Whenever unconditional love comes up, Who comes to your mind? Well, the answer is loud and clear— your mother. 

We know unconditional love and devotion through mothers. That's how special and rare they can be. Little acts of kindness, a morning hug, and attention can make your mom immensely happy. Therefore, expressing love and showing gratitude to your mother should be an everyday routine. The affection towards your mom should not be confined to a specific day. 

However, since Mothers day is just around the corner, and most of you have a hectic schedule, sparing little time for friends and family, this might be the perfect opportunity to shower your mom with some love and attention. You can do this by planning a spa day for her at home by aligning all your spa ideas to make it the most unforgettable experience of her life.

Being a mommy is a full-time job. Your mom might be working at home and office altogether. Mothers never demand rest or a break from their daily chores. Moms are always at work!  Most of us seldom acknowledge how much effort put in by our moms to make the household up and running. Your mom needs is a relaxing and well-deserved break at home—What better occasion than Mothers day!

Arrange a well-organized spa day for your mother at home so that she can relax for a while, away from the worries of her day.  A DIY spa treatment at home will not only make her feel energized and refreshed but the thought you will put in will make it all the more special. 

We have the perfect tricks and at-home day spa essentials for you to organize a perfect spa day for pampering your mom.

At home DIY spa for mother's day 2021

1-A Spa Day Checklist

The best way to begin the perfect spa day for your mother is by creating a fancy at-home spa day checklist( Like the menu in luxury cafes) with all the steps of the DIY spa experience listed down. Make the checklist look exotic to make this spa experience worthwhile for your mother.

This at-home spa day schedule will incorporate a five-star hotel feel to your mother's day surprise. You can also jot down all the available options and let her choose her favorite treatments. It's her day, after all.

2-A Cozy Corner

The more detailed the effort, the more vivid the experience. Create a special corner in your home that looks exactly like a spa room. Throw in some silk pillows and sheets, along with hot towels, a water basin on a side rack. Make your DIY spa look striking using warm lamps and scented candles to add to the ambiance.

You can also create an attractive atmosphere by using aromatherapy. Adding relaxing essential oils to a diffuser can act as the cherry on top. Botanic Hearths Essential Oil collection is the best assortment of the desirable essential oils. Add a few drops of these essential oils to create a solid aromatic ambiance in your DIY spa.

3-Luxury Body Massage

Nothing can be more comforting than a body massage after a tiresome day. Give your mother a thorough body massage to make her feel relaxed and in love with her body. 

Botanic Hearths Cellulite Massage Oil will be a perfect choice. Your mother will love the natural fragrance of this oil that will make this massage a pacifying ordeal. This oil helps to tone and nourish the skin; having extra moisturizing abilities, it will leave the skin feeling smooth and soft. The raw fragrance that steadies the mind encourages relaxation. Also, don't forget to massage the feet and hands with extra firmness to relieve any tension.

4-DIY Mani/Pedi Treatment

Who doesn't enjoy a lovely Mani/Pedi once in a while? It will be a magical experience for your mother. You can make your DIY foot and Hand soak with milk, a beauty hack from queen Cleopatra herself. The lactic acid in milk helps remove any dead cells from the skin, giving it a smooth satin finish. 

To commence the Mani/Pedi at home, take warm milk in a foot basin and add some drops of rose essential oil to it. Also, sprinkle fresh rose petals to give it a more glorious feel. After soaking the hands and feet, exfoliate them with Botanic Hearth Himalayan salt scrub to remove any dead skin or dirt. Apply soothing Aloe vera gel or coconut oil afterward to lock in the moisture.  

At home DIY spa for mother's day - facial treatment

5-Facial Treatment

No spa day is complete without a thorough facial treatment. One of the best ideas on Mother's day; will be to give your mom an all-natural honey facial. Give her face a simple clean-up with Botanic hearth tea tree and mint face wash. Now, apply Botanic hearths aloe vera gel on wet skin for a smooth and cooling effect. Apply approximately two teaspoons of honey to her face and allow to sit for a minimum of ten minutes. Moisten your hands and massage the face in circular motions. Be careful not to miss any pressure points while you do this. 

Honey is a natural antibacterial agent that will help cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Allow the honey to sit for five more minutes and rinse with cold water. In the end, apply Botanic Hearths Vitamin C serum for a final touch to give a healthy glow to the skin.

6-A Relaxing Finish

Once the checklist is complete, put on some music while you indulge in some treats, like chocolates and tea. The perfect end to a gorgeous spa day can be nothing other than self-care accessories. So, at the end of your DIY spa treatment, give your mother a Self-care basket containing all her favorite products. Head out to Botanic Hearths store to get unique products you can include in that package. Add some chocolates and flowers to make her day memorable—share childhood memories and thoughts over some chilled Iced tea. Give your mom lots of hugs and smiles so she can enjoy  DIY mothers day spa treatment fully.

Botanic Hearth - Tea Tree oil scrub - Himalayan body scrub - mothers day gift 2021

This DIY mothers day spa experience will leave your mother in awe of the effort you've put in. She will be happy and beaming in no time. Don't be sloppy with the arrangements, because she won't forget to give you a scolding (you know moms will be moms), Winks!

Be kind to your mom, help her with all the chores on this special day, make her coffee while you sit, talk and smile. Mothers don't need expensive gifts; the simplest things can make them happy. Use the promo code 20HPYBHMOMS for a 20% discount on all products. Happy mothers day to all the moms out there!